Saturday, April 22, 2006

Carla in "Ang Sandok ni Boninay"

Carla portrayed a fairy in today's episode of Komiks: Ang Sandok ni Boninay. The episode also starred Malou de Guzman, Mickey Ferriols, Archie Alemania, Cherry Lou, and Sharlene San Pedro.

The original Komiks story was by Rod A. Santiago, while the episode writer was Agnes Gagelonia-Uligan. This episode was directed by Dondon Santos.

You can watch Carla's scenes in this videoclip on YouTube (9min 31sec).

Below are random screenshots from this episode.


Anonymous said...

Thanks 4 the screencaps Cfan! Hope u can upload this epi.. wasn't able to see it eh..
Carla's so pretty here..

dsantos said...

its always nice and fun workin with carla :)


CF said...

^^ Oh, wow!!! Are you Dondon Santos, the director of this Komiks episode?!?

Thanks so much for visiting! :) I hope Carla gets to see your comment soon! :D She sent Ktext saying she'll be in Bangkok kasi. :D