Sunday, May 27, 2007

Weekend Summer Station ID 2007

Carla is in one of ABS-CBN's summer station IDs for this year.

A few random screenshots:

Cashing on experience

The Daily Tribune
Life Section
May 27, 2007

Link to full article here

With the summer days quickly passing by, it won’t be too long before the school year comes rolling back in! But it need not be a gloomy reminder of the usual school routine as illustrated by up and coming celebrity (and full-time student) Carla Humphries.

Eighteen-year old ABS-CBN talent Carla Humphries didn’t have to wait to graduate from the Center for International Education, where she studies Entrepreneurship. With the help of her father, an entrepreneur himself, Carla now has her own brokerage account and is taking advantage of her course to further her business skills. In spite of Carla’s showbiz demands, school remains a top priority.

Like Carla, young people need not compromise their interests outside school—whether it’s a part-time job, a small business or a hobby—for as long as they know their priorities. “Know your priorities by weighing things,” says Carla, who often turns to her parents for advice. “And listen to your parents because they can help you figure out your problems.”

AUL Cast on ASAP

The cast of Abt Ur Luv, Abt Ur Lyf 2 performed in the Full Circle segment of today's ASAP '07, to promote the new season of the show.

The third season will start airing on June 2, 2007.

YouTube video courtesy of AbtUrLuv.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Carla in Abt Ur Luv - Epi 26

Episode Title: 4giving

This blog entry contains episode highlights related to Carla's character, Brenda.


Brenda is at home alone and takes the opportunity to snoop through her sister's bedroom closet, hoping to find some clue as to the status of Hillary's relationship with Bill.

She's still going through the closet when she suddenly hears the bedroom door open... and is relieved to learn that it's Celine. Celine tells her she knows that Hillary will be upset to know she's snooping through stuff.

Brenda says she just wants to know the truth and asks Celine to help her.

Celine at first looks through the top of the closet but eventually she stops and remembers that she hasn't told Brenda yet that she needs to leave the country soon.

She sits down and sentimentally tells Brenda that she should grab the opportunity to do what can be done today, because there may be no tomorrow.

Brenda stops searching with a puzzled look on her face, and turns to ask Celine what's wrong. When Celine doesn't answer right away, Brenda gets worried and asks again.

Celine looks away for a moment, then gets up, and changes the subject by searching through the closet again, saying nothing's wrong. Brenda knows there's something going on, but she doesn't push Celine anymore.

Later, as Brenda and Celine are walking down the street, Brenda says that Hillary is really good at hiding secrets because they found nothing. Celine tells her it's possible there's nothing to find, and coaxes Brenda into just relaxing and enjoying the day with her.

They stop to buy some ice cream, and Celine is quick to whip out her camera and snap a photo of Brenda and the ice cream vendor. She says out loud that she's really going to miss this, but quickly corrects herself when Brenda asks her what she means. She shifts Brenda's attention by snapping another photo.

Just then, Brenda notices Giselle and Lisa walking down the street and remarks to Celine that they're her sister's close friends and that they're sure to know what's going on between Hillary and Bill. She calls them over, and without much of a choice, the girls walk over to join Celine and Brenda.

Brenda starts by telling the girls that she knows Hillary has a secret. The two friends misunderstand, and are shocked that Brenda already knows, because Hillary had just told them that she plans to bake cookies as a surprise for her sister.

Giselle assures Brenda that she'll know Hillary's secret soon, maybe even before the end of the day. Brenda presses for answers, and even threatens to create trouble with the girls' parents, but Celine puts a stop to that nonsense, and insists that Brenda relax by playing a round of frisbee at the park.

Hillary's two friends manage to end the conversation without revealing more, thanks to Celine's intervention.

* * *

Celine and Brenda get to the park. Brenda starts tossing the frisbee around with the boys while Celine keeps snapping new photos. Brenda finally notices that Bill is not around and asks Ahmad where his brother is. Ahmad says Bill had just left. Brenda also notices that Hillary is missing as well.

Just then Lisa and Giselle arrive and Brenda demands to know where Hillary is. Giselle says Hillary's probably at the grocery with Josh. Brenda is surprised and wants to know why they're there, and if Bill is there as well.

Giselle backtracks and says that they're probably at home already. Brenda charges off to her house to confront her sister. Brenda finds no one at home, but she notices a jar of cookies on the dining room table, with a card for her from Hillary, saying "Cookies for you."

Brenda is touched by the surprise, and does not realize that Hillary had noticed earlier that afternoon that someone has gone through her closet.

* * *

That night, the gang gets together at a nearby fast food because Celine has invited them all to a simple meal, not knowing that Celine is leaving the next day. Brenda arrives and immediately goes to thank Hillary for the cookies, who says that she and Josh worked on them together. Hillary is happy to hear that Brenda found the cookies delicious.

Brenda then quietly asks Hillary if she has something else to say to her. Hillary hesitates for a moment, then says there's nothing, then encourages her sister to go take a seat. Brenda smiles and turns to take her seat, but not before Celine snaps a quick photo of them together.

Just then, Blue raises his voice and proposes a toast to Celine, for treating them all out dinner like this. Everyone seconds the motion and Celine is touched.

Brenda gets up from her seat and says she's also thankful to have Celine, who is such a great friend to all of them. Celine fights back tears as her friends toast her and have fun, not knowing that Celine is leaving.

Later, Celine prepares a scrapbook with all the photos, and knows she'll really miss her friends, including Brenda, who is so obsessive compulsive and strict, but has such a soft heart.

Later that night, Brenda retreats to her bedroom with her jar of cookies. She once again looks at the card from Hillary, smiling as she bites into a cookie.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Mariel, Aaron, and Carla open Antonio BF Homes ParaƱaque

Excerpt from Manila Bulletin
May 21, 2007

Link to original, full article

by Crispina Belen

"It’s courtesy of Ms. Pin Antonio," says Mariel. "I’m so happy with it because it’s so easy to maintain and to style. A lot of people email and text the show always asking me where I got my haircut! It’s so fabulous!.

So it was with no second thoughts that the sexy Kapitbahay ni Kuya said "yes" to Pin’s invitation of her leading the opening of Antonio Hairdressing in BF Homes ParaƱaque. She, along with Pin and young stars Ahron Agassi and Carla Humphries lead the simple but elegant event.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Happy 19th!

Happy, happy birthday to Carla!
Hope you have another great year ahead!

You can leave her a greeting by posting a comment. :-)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Carla in Abt Ur Luv - Epi 25

Episode Title: Bad Trip

This blog entry contains episode highlights related to Carla's character, Brenda.


Yaya Ciana wins some money and decides to share her blessings by buying the gang tickets to the Enchanted Kingdom amusement park.

Brenda is unable to have fun because she's worried about what Hillary and Bill might be up to. Brenda leaves her friends while they're lining up for a ride and left with no choice, Celine accompanies her.

Brenda finally finds Hillary and Bill having fun.

Brenda insists that Hillary join her and Celine, and warns Bill to stay away.

Hillary has no choice but to get on the rides with her older sister while Bill can only look on from afar.


Later, Hillary and Bill are apart while everyone sits down for a quick snack. Bill sneaks behind Brenda and goes to sit with Hillary, but Brenda quickly spots him.

Hillary quickly tells Brenda that she and Bill are just going on one of the rides, and runs off before Brenda can react.

Celine grabs Brenda by the hair and manages to stop her from chasing after Bill and Hillary.

Celine tells Brenda to loosen up a little because she's going to force the two to go into hiding if she's this strict.


Later, Brenda is again looking for Bill and Hillary and spots them walking by holding hands.

She takes a deep breath, then turns her back on them both of them, as if it's not a big deal.
Celine tells her she did the right thing since it's just a harmless crush. Brenda says it's fine as long as it just stays as a harmless crush. If it becomes more than that, they'll be in for it.

As if to emphasize her point, Brenda turns around, picks up the game rifle and starts shooting.


As their fun day at the theme park comes to an end, Celine and Brenda invite Josh and Hillary to join them for dinner, but her siblings prefer to go home so they can be with their friends.

Brenda agrees to let them go, then she and Celine go to get dinner as the van with the rest of the barkada drives out of the parking lot of the theme park.