Thursday, September 28, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 20.4

Rita visits Lavinia at the hospital and tries to express her concern for her sister.

But Lavinia rejects Rita's concern and says there's no reason for them to feel worry for her, especially since they've already parted ways. She says she doesn't need their pity or sympathy. She doesn't need them.


When Rita returns home, Barbara anxiously asks about Lavinia. Rita tells Barbara that Lavinia claims to be fine, that Larry did not hurt her.

When Rita cannot conceal her concern for Lavinia, Barbara demands to know the truth. Rita cries and says that although Lavinia denies it, she can see how lonely and how desperately Lavinia needs them right now.

Rita rushes to Barbara's side and says Lavinia has no more allies and she feels abandoned. Rita says that Lavinia will never admit it, but she needs them.

Barbara is concerned and heartbroken at the thought of Lavinia's plight.


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Carla on the way to FDH Premiere

This behind the scenes photo was posted by landofthedream in the First Day High thread at PinoyExchange.

The photo was taken as the cast was on their way to the premiere night.

Carla Humphries with Denise Laurel

First Day High premiered on Sep 26, and regular screening began on Sep 27. It is still showing in theatres.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 20.3

Barbara is at home watching TV when a news break interrupts the program. Barbara is horrified to hear the newscaster announce that Lavinia has been the victim of an attempted rape by Larry. Barbara immediately calls for Rita, who rushes out of the kitchen.

Barbara worriedly tells Rita the news. Rita is shocked and asks where Lavinia might be. Barbara says the newcast didn't say. Barbara asks Rita to call Lavinia so they can find out what happened. Rita tries to call but Lavinia does not answer her cellphone.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

JaRla in Your Song: Panalangin

Carla Humphries and Janus del Prado will appear in a Your Song episode.

This episode will air this Sunday, October 1.
It was originally scheduled to air on August 27.

The featured song is entitled Panalangin, by Gish. Also in this episode are Jill Yulo and Kristopher Peralta.

Screenshots from the trailer:

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Behind the Scenes: BWN Finale

Many thanks to Aiga for this behind-the-scenes photo of Carla and Angelika at the Bituing Walang Ningning finale.


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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Carla at BWN Grand Showdown

*** Spoiler Alert ***

Oliver Carnay
of has an extensive photo gallery with over 70 photos from the Bituing Walang Ningning Grand Showdown which was held at the Araneta Coliseum on September 19, 2006.

His gallery includes this photo of BWN's Arguelles family:

Angelika dela Cruz, Carla Humphries, and Amy Austria


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Friday, September 22, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 19.5

A staffer greets Dorina, Rita, and Jack as they arrive at the rehearsal venue. Dorina learns that she arrived just in time because Lavinia just wrapping up her own rehearsals.


Rita rushes to Dorina's side and asks what Lavinia has said to upset Dorina so badly. Dorina is crying too hard to answer.


Zossimo enters the rehearsal area to find Dorina and Rita together. Rita is trying to give her something to drink. Dorina is calm now, but almost lifeless. Zossimo asks her what Lavinia said. Dorina says quietly that it doesn't matter. Zossimo says that's a good attitude -- in one ear, out the other.

Dorina says she's tired. She's tired of crying. Tired of singing. Tired of dealing with Lavinia. She says her mother needs her right now. Dorina stands up and collects her things, preparing to leave.

Zossimo asks her what she means. Dorina says she's backing out of the concert. Rita and Zossimo are shocked.


At home, Rita tells Barbara that she really feels sorry for Dorina. She says she doesn't know what Lavinia has told her, but it's like Dorina has been drained of all energy, all life. She no longer has the will to fight. Barbara asks what this means, whether or not the concert will still push through.

Rita says as far as she knows, Dorina is the only one who backed out, so Lavinia will still be performing. Barbara sits quietly for a moment, then says Lavinia's dream will come true at last -- she will be the number one singer.

Rita says that may be true, but Lavinia will have achieved her dreams the wrong way -- through intrigues, through foul play. She may have caused Dorina to back down, but she hasn't proven that she's the better singer.

Barbara says that if truth be told, Lavinia could have achieved all this without resorting to all these underhanded schemes. Rita agrees that Lavinia is certainly talented enough, unfortunately, Lavinia herself tends to forget this.


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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Carla on Wowowee

Carla appeared on Wowowee today in a Chicago-inspired dance number with Karel Marquez and Hazel Anne Mendoza.

Random screenshots:


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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Carla at Direk Wenn's Birthday Bash

Carla was one of the guests at the 40th birthday celebration of Director Wenn Deramas at Dish.

CF's Note:
She appears to be wearing a cast or bandage on her right arm, which we also saw on Bituing Walang Ningning's Episode 19.2

A tabloid article in late August or early September had reported that she had fallen off a horse and hurt her arm.

Photo Credit:
Original Photo by Oliver Carnay of


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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 19.2

Lavinia wraps up the day's rehearsals for her concert. She instructs a staffer to have everyone come in for another rehearsal the next day. When the staffers says tomorrow is a Sunday, Lavinia says she doesn't care. She tells the staffer to instruct the band to arrive for rehearsals tomorrow.

Just then, Jack and Rita enter the hall and Lavinia asks them where their singer is, saying Dorina must be late and therefore unprofessional. Rita tells her that Dorina is not rehearsing today, and that the entire band was advised. They only stopped by to pick up a few music sheets.

Lavinia says Dorina is being over-confident if she's not rehearsing with the concert so near. She must think so highly of herself. Rita pointedly tells Lavinia that Dorina is not rehearsing because she has accompanied her mother to seek treatment, because her mother and her family are more important to her than her career or her concert.

Lavinia is at a loss for words. Rita and Jack walk past her towards the stage, but Rita cannot help but look back at her sister. Lavinia likewise looks over her shoulder at Rita, before finally leaving.


At home, Rita opens the door of their small apartment to find Lavinia standing there at the door. Rita quickly checks outside to see if anyone else has come. Lavinia tells her she came alone. She enters and kisses Barbar aon the cheek.

Rita asks her why she has come. Lavinia said she was just in the neighborhood so she decided to stop by. Rita tells her brusquely that they're just fine.

Lavinia ignores her statement and asks Barbara how her therapy is progressing. Rita interjects and answers that all is well, then asks Lavinia what she's doing here. Lavinia asks her if she needs a reason to visit her own family. Rita says that if they were talking about someone else, no. But since they're talking about Lavinia, then the answer is yes. She asks again what Lavinia is doing there. Lavinia says she just wants to repeat her offer for them to live with her back home.

Rita quickly says they're okay where they are. Lavinia asks her how they can possibly be okay when they're living in a place that's so shabby and there's no airconditioning. She says it's much like the house they used to live in.

Rita asks her what's wrong with their old house? They liked it just fine. And they're fine where they are now. Lavinia is now exasperated. She tells Rita there's no need to be this stubborn. If she simply said yes, then this discussion would be over.

Lavinia goes on to say that Rita may be contented with where they are now, but does she really think Barbara is happy being here? Rita asks her how she can possibly knows what Barbara wants when they've not spoken to each other for so long.

Before the argument between the two sisters deteriorates further, Barbara finally speaks up. She asks Lavinia what it is she really needs. She asks -- Do you need me? Do you need your family?

Lavinia pauses then swallows hard. Finally, she answers -- I don't need anything. I'm just doing you a favor.

Barbara's voice is filled with emotion as she says -- I pushed you long and hard to do what I wanted for so long. I forced you, strangled you. I don't want to do that now. I don't want to be a burden to you.

Tears stream down Barbara's face as she says to Lavinia -- I'm setting you free.

Barbara turns to Rita and says she wants to rest. Rita wipes away her own tears then wheels her mother out of the living room.

Lavinia watches them leave. She takes a moment to compose herself before she leaves the house. She gets into her car and cries as the car pulls away.


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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Carla on ASAP '06

Carla was on today's episode of ASAP '06 dancing to the tune of Frenchie Dy's "Rock Around the Clock."

Click to watch the video.


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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Carla in Star Magic Presents

The Story
From the ABS-CBN Website

Are looks really deceiving? Find the answer on this Saturday’s Star Magic Presents where John Lloyd Cruz gets an unusual new look and is paired with Carla Humphries. Written by Reggie Amigo under the helm of Don Cuaresma, "My Angel" tells the story of Martin and Shane, a couple who proves that love goes beyond physical looks.

Martin (John Lloyd) is a typical guy who meets "the angel" of his dreams named Shane (Carla). She is a rocker chick who looks like a she-devil. He gets a complete shock though when he discovers that her personality is totally different from her physical looks. She has a good heart that brings joy to Martin's heart. But in the midst of their blossoming love, both are about to face the biggest challenge of their relationship. Both have to understand their personality differences and cope with their own family problems at the same time. Will they survive the test of love?

John Lloyd and Carla are joined by Star Magic’s Chris Gutierrez and Kristopher Peralta plus Irma Adlawan and Cheska IƱigo. Star Magic Presents airs every Saturday afternoon.

To watch the trailer, click here (YouTube).


Featured Clip:

In this excerpt, Martin decides to prove to Shane that they are a great match by trying to get a tattoo.

To watch the entire episode, check out these YouTube uploads by Karla139:
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5


Random screenshots from the trailer:


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