Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Carla's Ktext -- August 27, 2008

Carla sent Ktext today.

Guys eto na ang inaabang ng lahat! Ang For the 1st time! Nag premiere kame kagabe and pwede nyo narin mapanood ang pinaka inaabang tambalan na c kc at richard... Sobrang daming nagenjoy sa pagpapanuod kagabi so wag kayong magpahuli isama ang buong bayan at manuod na!!

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Carla's Ktext -- August 24, 2008

Carla sent Ktext today.

hey guys! Guess what im here at zoobic having so much fun! Pinapakain ko ang mga kambing :) super cute diba!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Carla's Ktext -- August 20, 2008

Carla sent Ktext today.

Hi guys! d2 kame sa set ng ligaw ngayon ni roxy... Nagrerest lang kame habang hindi nagtatake :) sana nakapagrest din kayo durng the long weekend :) at nanuod kayo ng ligaw siyempre! hehe Ingat parati! Txt u later!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Carla's Ktext -- August 19, 2008

Carla sent Ktext today.

:) nagshooshootng parin kame para sa for the first time ni kc at richard... Grabe next week na ang showing :) alam nyo nag dubbing nako nung isang araw at nakita ko yung mga eksena sa greece at ang gaganda! "For the first time" august 27 na! :)

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Carla's Ktext -- August 15, 2008

Carla sent Ktext today.

Guys here's a little trivia about me I love watchng movies! As soon as I hear that a movie I like is coming out, I count the days until it comes out and then I watch it right away! :)

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Nand2 ako ngayn sa cyma :) kumakain lang... Sana napapanuod nyo yung ligaw! Nakakalungkot ang pagkamatay ni michael :( kawawa naman kaming magkapatid parehong namatayan ng boyfriend! Alam nyo ba c matteo/michael ay umalis papuntang states para magaral? Good luck matteo :)

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Wall-e is sooo nice! :) super cute! this is me as evaaah and wall-e... you'll love it! Bettr than my sassy, I didn't like the american version mas maganda talaga yung korean version! favorite ko yun! :)

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Carla in 'For the First Time' Trailer

Spotted Carla in the trailer of the upcoming Star Cinema movie 'For the First Time' which stars KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez.

Click on the screenshot to watch the trailer on YouTube.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Carla's Ktext -- August 12, 2008

Carla sent Ktext today.

Hi guys musta na kayo? Nandito ako ngayon sa greenhills kasama yung 2 friends ng c john james at ang kapatid nyng c tim manunuod kame ng my sassy girl :) txt ko kayo kung maganda! Excited naki kac super favorite ko yung korean version :)

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Carla's Ktext -- August 11, 2008

Carla sent Ktext today.

Hello my dear friends! Im still here sa taping ng ligaw. Kasama ko si ate jaymee and ate ina feleo. Hope you could watch ligaw later after wowowee! :) Have a nice day! :)

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Friday, August 08, 2008

LnB: No Explanations

This blogpost contains episode highlights for Carla's character, Precious, in Ligaw na Bulaklak.

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Week 11, Friday, Day 055

Michael visits Precious at the boarding house and tries to explain his relationship with Fatima. Precious asks him to not bother trying because she knows that it was all her fault. She was the one who first left him. He was already hers, and she was the one who was stupid enough to let him go.

Michael asks her not to think of their past relationship in that way. He reminds her that they have a lot of good memories. Precious says that's what makes it worse; she knows she won't ever feel the way she used to feel when they were together.

Michael apologizes again as he cradles her face in his hands. Precious holds on to his hands one last time before pushing him away. Tearfully, she asks him to leave and says she doesn't want to see him anymore. She watches as he turns and leaves.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

LnB: The Truth

This blogpost contains episode highlights for Carla's character, Precious, in Ligaw na Bulaklak.

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Week 11, Thursday, Day 054

Fatima promises to keep Michael's secret about his brother. She asks what she can do to make him feel better. Michael says as long as he can feel her love, he's fine. He gives her a quick kiss on the cheek, just as Precious walks by and sees them.

In her shock, Precious drops the phone. The noise attracts Fatima's attention and she realizes that Precious has seen them. Precious picks up the phone and runs away. Fatima runs after her.

When Fatima grabs Precious by the arm, Precious turns and slaps her hard across the face. Fatima starts crying and repeatedly apologizes, saying she never meant to hurt Precious. Precious cries as she angrily calls Fatima a traitor and a useless friend.

Michael finally catches up with them. Precious sees him and angrily accuses them both of deceiving her. Fatima tries to apologize again, which infuriates Precious more. She moves to hit Fatima, but Michael steps in and grabs her.

In anguish, Precious asks them why they deceived her. Fatima can only apologize again.

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

LnB: Post-Mental

This blogpost contains episode highlights for Carla's character, Precious, in Ligaw na Bulaklak.

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Week 11, Wednesday, Day 053

Lea lunches for the knife, and manages to get it away from Ronel. Precious and Misty can only watch when Lea cradles her "brother" as he breaks down and cries over and over that they're going to kill his sibling.

The girls watch as "Ronel" is finally sedated and led back to bed. Precious expresses surprise that Lea's brother can behave in this way. Misty says she's impressed that Lea can deal with such episodes.

Lea says she can't bear to just abandon him. Misty asks the nurse what triggered this episode. The nurse remarked that it's not unusual for patients at the institution to have attacks like this.

Precious asks if it's normal for patients to try to kill themselves. The nurse says that someone had come to visit Lea's brother just before his attack. Surprised, Lea asks who her "brother's" visitor was.

Before the nurse can answer, another nurse comes by and says that the first nurse was mistaken, that it was another patient who had a visitor. The second nurse pointedly tells the first nurse that it was someone else. The first nurse realizes her mistake, and agrees with the second nurse.

The two nurses walk away, leaving the three girls more puzzled.

Back at the boarding house, Lea shares her plans to save up money because she wants to take care of her brother. She says she's also saving up money so she can go back to school. That's the only way she can convince her father to stop his work with the syndicate and still take care of him. And she says that should she ever find her sister Jennifer, she wants to be ready to help her.

Precious asks Lea what will be left for herself. Lea says she's willing to give her life for her family, so the money is nothing.

Moved by their friend's plight, Misty volunteers to buy them all a meal, much to the delight of her sister and her friend.

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