Saturday, April 26, 2008

At the Palos Party

Carla was at the Palos Party to celebrate the end of the series.

Many thanks to Comette, nicole_ch, and Margz for these pics!

Ktext from Roxanne:

Thank you also to Leikela_joy for finding these additional pics from the Palos party!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Palos: Epilogue (2008Apr24)

Stella visits Giancarlo at his new home, and tells him she came to say goodbye because she's returning to her work in Paris.

She also congratulations him on his upcoming wedding before they bid each other goodbye.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Palos: Manhunt (2008Apr22)

This blogpost summarizes episode highlights for Carla's character, Stella.


As Stella looks on, the President orders his men to keep a close eye on places where Giancarlo might be hiding, including hospitals and churches.

He expresses concern because they can't seem to reach Antonino and says something feels wrong because Alessandro asked for the money to be delivered in a very public place.

With no money and with the police guarding the hospitals, Giancarlo calls Stella to ask for her help in treating Fabio and Sylvia, who were injured in a bomb blast.

Stella is with the President when Giancarlo's call comes in; she answers but doesn't reveal to her father who the caller is.

Stella arrives and pronounces Sylvia dead after checking for vital signs.

She checks on Fabio and says they must get him to a hospital otherwise his wounds might become infected. She calls for an ambulance, then urges Giancarlo and Anna to leave.

She promises Giancarlo that she'll take care of Fabio, and reminds them that they have to first 'save the world' by stopping Alessandro.

Later, Stella calls Giancarlo to tell him that Fabio is stable and assures him that she'll take care of him.

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Next Episode: Epilogue

Sunday, April 20, 2008

With April Celebrants

There was a production number for the April birthday celebrants of Star Magic on ASAP. Carla was among the artists who performed.

Palos Cast on ASAP

The Palos Cast was on ASAP this past weekend to thank viewers as the show starts its final week. Carla was partnered with Jay-R Siaboc in the song number.