Thursday, August 31, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 16.4

Rita arrives at the door and asks Lavinia what's going on. Still upset, Lavinia says she doesn't know what Rosamia was raving about -- and that Rosamia just kept saying to stay away from Dorina and to stay away from her daughter.

Still confused, Lavinia picks up the tabloid that Rosamia brought with her from the floor. She stares at the photo of Dorina, and finally realizes... Dorina is Rosamia's daughter. She laughs and gleefully says she's got another bullet.

Now inside the foyer, Lavinia is still amazed at the thought that Rosamia could be Dorina's mother. She says it shouldn't have been a surprise to her since they're both losers.

Lavinia calls Oscar and asks him to come to her house because she's got a new scoop for him. After Lavinia hangs up, Rita asks her to leave Dorina alone, to stop messing with her life. She asks Lavinia not to spread that news, since there's obviously a reason they wanted to keep it quiet.

Lavinia says there's no way she'll keep quiet after everything that they've gone through. She says she has lost respect for Dorina and it is difficult to regain that respect. Rita quietly tells Lavinia she should therefore not expect any respect from her either, before leaving to climb up the stairs.

Upstairs, Rita gets on her cellphone and tries to call Dorina. As Dorina answers the phone, Lavinia comes up from behind and snatches Rita's cellphone out of her hand. Rita tries to get the cellphone back, but Lavinia slaps her and calls her a traitor.

Rita tells Lavinia she can't stop her from warning Dorina. Lavinia says she just did. She points out that their land lines have long been disconnected, and warns Rita not to try leaving the house to warn Dorina. Because if she were to do that, Barbara would be left alone with Lavinia, and God only knows what would happen to Barbara then... and it would all be Rita's fault, whatever it is.

Rita tells Lavinia she's a monster. Lavinia brushes off the accusation and says that's nothing new. She already knows she's a monster. After all, it's like mother, like daughter. She says that's why she wouldn't be surprised if Rita were to become a monster as well.

Lavinia makes a show of brushing back Rita's hair and wiping away her sister's tears, before she walks away smiling.


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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 16.2

Rita asks Lavinia for help in settling Barbara's mounting hospital and rehabilitation bills.

Lavinia says Barbara should have more than enough money to pay for everything herself.

Rita tells Lavinia that Barbara has no more money left, but this has no apparent effect on Lavinia.

She informs Rita that she has no plans to help with the bills, and climbs into bed.

When Lavinia sees Rita still standing there, she tells Rita she can now leave and reminds her to be sure to close the door behind her.

Rita has no choice but to leave. As the door closes behind Rita, Lavinia looks concerned.


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Friday, August 25, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 15.5

Jack visits Rita and finds her hard at work doing the laundry. She apologizes for not having enough time to spend with him, and enumerates all the other chores she needs to finish. Jack offers to help, but Rita says it's okay, that the laundry won't take long.

Jack learns from her that Lavinia is out shooting a movie, leaving Rita to take care of things at home since Lavinia has fired the maids.

When Rita mentions she still needs to take care of Barbara, Jack asks her who's taking care of her. Rita almost cries but she manages to pretend that she's fine. She tells Jack she doesn't need someone to take care of her since she's not sick. Jack just quietly watches her. Emotions finally overwhelm Rita and she starts crying. Jack comforts her.


At the Arguelles home, Rita tells Jack over the phone that she can't go with them because no one will be around to take care of Barbara. Lavinia walks into the living room just in time to overhear Rita telling Jack that they should push through even without her because they deserve to celebrate, especially Dorina.

Lavinia asks her what the call is about, if the band is going out drinking. Rita tells her not to worry, she's not going with them. Lavinia puts on an act and urges Rita to go ahead and join the band, and volunteers to take care of Barbara that evening.

Rita is thrilled and gets back on the phone to tell Jack that she can join them after all. She asks where they'll be at and repeats the name of the bar. Lavinia overhears. Rita tells Jack she'll meet them there before hanging up.

Rita thanks Lavinia again for letting her go, and even kisses her sister on the cheek. Lavinia tells Rita to make sure Dorina has a good time. Lavinia says she may be annoyed with Dorina, but she also feels sorry for the girl because she does nothing but work. Rita thanks her again and runs up the stairs to change.


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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 15.4

In the hospital, Barbara is seated in a wheelchair and Rita is packing up their bags; they are checking out. Lavinia arrives and asks if they're ready to go. She tells them the car is waiting.

Rita tells her not to bother because they'll be taking a cab. Lavinia tells the orderly that she'll take care of wheeling her mother out of the hospital.

After the orderly leaves, Lavinia says sharply to Rita that there's no need to be so melodramatic. They will get in her car and they will go home to Lavinia's house. Rita asks her why bother? Just to put on another show for people? Lavinia smiles with false sweetness and says of course.

She wouldn't want people to think that she has abandoned them since that would be bad for her career. Lavinia smooths back Barbara's hair and tells her mother to smile once they're outside because they're going to have their pictures taken.

Rita is unhappy with Lavinia's latest antics, but she is not able to stop her sister.


Rita, Lavinia, and Barbara arrive at Lavinia's home. Rita pushes the wheelchair into the foyer.

Lavinia tells Rita that she has fired all the maids so they'll have to fend for themselves, then climbs up the stairs leaving her mother and sister in the living room.


At Lavinia's house, Rita is doing her best to feed Barbara, while Lavinia eats her own meal at the other end of the table.

Barbara is not interested in eating, but Rita keeps trying, saying Barbara won't get well if she doesn't eat.

Lavinia cannot stand to watch them and she leaves the table.


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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 15.3

Lavinia puts on a show of fussing over Barbara in the hospital room while a nurse is checking on Barbara. But she drops the act as soon as the nurse leaves the room, and she tells Rita she's going home.

Barbara mumbles from the bed and although it takes several attempts, Rita finally understands that Barbara wants to talk to Lavinia about the night of her stroke. Rita tells Lavinia she thought her sister had not had a chance to talk to their mother.

Rita asks Lavinia what she did to their mother. Lavinia tries to deny any wrongdoing, but Rita says she'll learn the truth anyway so Lavinia might as well admit it. On the spot, Lavinia finally admits that she and her mother argued, but that it was Barbara who started the fight, and she only fought back.

Lavinia reminds Barbara that she's often told them that only the strong survive. She says it's not her fault if Barbara is a lot weaker than she expected.

Lavinia walks out of the room. Barbara keeps mumbling, trying to prevent Lavinia from leaving, but the singer ignores her mother. Rita can only try to comfort Barbara.


The next day, Lavinia looks over the hospital bill and remarks to Rita that the amount owed is getting quite large and asks how they intend to settle the bill. Rita asks her if she has no plans to help. Lavinia feigns surprise and says she thought they were both completely independent now and that they don't need her.

Rita tells her that now is the time for them to be united. Lavinia remarks that they pick a convenient time to befriend her -- when they're in need. Lavinia tells her they might as well tell her that they're interested only in her money.

Rita tells her it's not money that they need, rather it's Lavinia's support and love as a daughter that's needed. Lavinia says Barbara has turned her into stone. And a stone does not love. Lavinia leaves the room, leaving Rita alone to worry while Barbara sleeps.


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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 15.2

In the hospital, Rita reads the 23rd Psalm to an unconscious Barbara, prompting Lavinia to remark that Rita is just wasting her time.

Rita tries to explain that coma patients can sometimes hear. Lavinia tells her that if she's hoping that Barbara will hear and be converted, then she's truly wasting her time.

Just then, Barbara awakens from her coma and moans. Rita excitedly asks Barbara if she's alright.

As Barbara continues to moan, Rita tells her mother she'll go look for a doctor, then runs out of the room.

With difficulty, Barbara raises a hand towards Lavinia, hoping the singer will come near her.

But Lavinia only remarks that the old saying is true -- ang masamang damo mahirap mamatay, before she walks out of the hospital room leaving Barbara alone.


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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Friday, August 18, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 14.5

Dorina's concert begins. She performs "Felt So Right" to the applause and enjoyment of her audience. Adora, Oman, and Bencho are seated in front. The band accompanies her, with Rita on one of the guitars.

Onstage, Rita notices the empty seat that is reserved for her mother. As Dorina and the band continue to perform, Rita searches the audience for Barbara.


It is after the concert. The male members of the band are in good spirits when Zossimo walks up to them looking worried.

Gary asks him when they will be celebrating. Zossimo tells them the celebration may be postponed.

Apparently, Lavinia has canceled her concert. Jack says that gives them all the more reason to celebrate, because it means they won. Zossimo does not respond to that statement. He merely asks them where Rita is, and learns that she's in the dressing room.

Just then, Rita appears in the hallway with her guitar and asks if any of them have seen Barbara.

She says she can't reach her mother, and that Barbara had been planning to watch their concert. The guys are fall silent, prompting her to ask what's wrong.

Zossimo quietly tells her that Libby called and that Barbara has suffered a stroke. Rita is shocked and doesn't know what to say.


Lavinia leaves Barbara's hospital room. In the hallway, she sees Jack and Rita running in. Rita immediately asks her how Barbara is.

Lavinia goes on the offensive, asking Rita how their concert can be more important, how she could wait until they finished the concert before showing up at the hospital. Rita explains that that she didn't know, that Lavinia didn't call her right away.

She asks Lavinia what she did to Barbara. Lavinia is shocked by the accusation. Rita says she knows Barbara went to see Lavinia, that Barbara had her attack in front of Lavinia's concert venue.

Lavinia lies and says that she never got to see Barbara, that Barbara had her attack before they got a chance to talk.


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