Saturday, July 29, 2006

Carla to appear in Star Magic Presents

Excerpt from Malaya's Dream Factory
by Mario Bautista
July 29, 2006

Replacing "Close-up to Fame" on Saturday afternoons after "Wowowee" on ABS-CBN is "Star Magic Presents," a romance anthology that features heartwarming love stories starring the biggest names and freshest faces of ABS-CBN Star Magic.

The initial offering features first-rate actresses Kristine Hermosa, Bea Alonzo, Rica Peralejo, Angelica Panganiban and Claudine Barretto. The second installment will feature Piolo Pascual, John Lloyd Cruz, Sam Milby and Diether Ocampo.

The episode of Kristine and Diet also features Zia Marquez and Mhyco Aquino. Angelica Panganiban is paired with new cutie Victor Basa while Bea Alonzo is paired with new heartthrob Ryan Ramos. Rica gets new leading men in Rafael Rosell and AJ Dee.

Newcomers Joem Bascon and Valeen Montenegro get to act with Claudine, while teen beauty Lauren Young of "Star Magic Batch 13" teams up with Piolo. Melissa gets Sam Milby as her leading man, while Carla Humphries is paired with John Lloyd Cruz.

Diet also makes a dashing love interest for SCQ's Paw Diaz. These fresh beginners have long waited for the rare opportunity of being paired with more established stars and they are so thankful a show like "Star Magic Presents" makes it possible. This is surely a welcome treat not only to the viewers but to all the young stars as well because it will be a venue for them to show their acting prowess while acting with the company's bigger stars.


Excerpt from a Journal Online article

People's Taliba
7/29/2006 19:36 PM

ABS is reviving the romance anthology and made for TV movie into one weekly pure, unadulterated, heartwarming, light love stories na magtatampok ng malalaking artista na sa-samahan ng freshest faces ng ABS Star Magic, ang Star Magic Presents nga.

It will pilot today right after Wowowee with a sure-fire love team plus a new pair to test sa episode na Windows to the Heart written by Aloy Adlawan and directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng.

Bida rito sina Kristine Hermosa and Diether Ocampo and Zia Marquez and Mhycho Aquino.

In the coming weeks ahead, masisilayan ang mga reyna at hari ng ABS na sina Claudine Barretto, Bea Alonzo, Rica Peralejo, Angelica Panganiban, Piolo Pascual, John Lloyd Cruz at Sam Milby plus the triangle of AJ Dee, Joem Bascon at Valeen Montenegro, or new pairs like Lauren Young and PJ, Melissa Ricks and papa Sam, Carla Humphries Loren and Lloydie and so on.


May bagong palabas na handog ang Star Magic sa mga TV viewers. Tinawag nila itong perfect "date movie" dahil tungkol ito sa pure, unadulterated, heartwarming, light love stories na gagampanan ng mga malalaki at freshest faces ng ABS-CBN Star Magic.

Pinamagatang Star Magic Presents, mapapanood sa opening salvo nito sina Kristine Hermosa, Bea Alonzo, Rica Peralejo, Angelica Panganiban at Claudine Barretto. Susundan ito ng mga naggu-gwapuhang sina Piolo Pascual, John Lloyd Cruz, Sam Milby at Diether Ocampo.

Exciting dahil makakakita ang manonood ng MGA BAGONG TAMBALAN tulad nina Zia Marquez at Mhyco Aquino, Angelica Panganiban at Victor Basa, Bea Alonzo at Ryan Ramos, Rica Peralejo at Rafael Rosell, Lauren Young at Piolo Pascual, Melissa Ricks at Sam Milby, Carla Humphries at John Lloyd Cruz, Diether Ocampo at Paw Diaz.

Ang initial episode ay tatampukan nina Kristine Hermosa at Diether Ocampo. Pinamagatang Windows to the Heart, mula ito sa panulat ni Aloy Adlawan at directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng. Simula na sa Sabado, July 29.


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Friday, July 28, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 11.5

Barbara finds Rita sitting alone, staring out the window.

She finally takes pity on her daughter, and tells Rita that she will allow her to return to school, on the condition that Rita always returns directly home afterwards. Rita gratefully hugs Barbara and thanks her profusely.


Video available on YouTube:


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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 11.4

Barbara tries to convince Rita to spy on Lavinia... to find out what appearances she has and more importantly, how much money Lavinia is making.

Rita asks Barbara why she's having her do this. She tells Barbara that she's caught in the middle of Barbara and Lavinia -- a rock and a hard place. And that she's the one who gets hurt in the process. She pleads with Barbara to stop all the conniving.


Later, Barbara and Lavinia prepare to meet Oscar. Barbara asks Rita if she'd like to come with them, but Rita says no... that she's no longer involved in anything related to Lavinia's career.

Barbara admits that they are being aggressive with Lavinia's career, but that's only because they are at a critical point. She says that once this crisis has passed, they can all be more relaxed.

Rita tells Barbara she thinks that time won't ever come. Back when Lavinia was starting out, they had to work hard so she could establish herself. When she became popular, they had to work hard so the fans would stay loyal. Now that Lavinia is on top, they have to work even harder still, just so she doesn't lose her place on top. So when will they actually feel it's safe to stop and finally relax?

Barbara has no answer.


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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 11.3

Rita enters Lavinia's bedroom with the phone saying it's Larry. Lavinia is still depressed by Dorina's debut and she's not interested in talking to him, so Rita tells him that Lavinia is asleep.

After she hangs up, Rita tells Lavinia that Larry has canceled her pictorial the following day, so she can rest. Rita then asks her why Dorina's debut disturbs her so much.

Lavinia says that celebrities and fans alike will be there to greet Dorina, to wait for her. Dorina is so well-loved. Lavinia says she never felt that. She may be admired, imitated, envied... but she's not loved.

Rita reminds her that Dorina loved her, but this is no comfort to Lavinia. She asks why this is all happening to her.

Rita: Minsan kasi sa taas ng lipad mo, nakalimutan mo na wala kang pakpak. Kailangan mong tumungtong sa lupa, para hindi mapagod. Minsan, kailangan mo din masira, para magkaroon din ng chance para mabuo ulit.

Lavinia (angry): Sinasabi mo ba na sira ako? Na laos na ako?! Wala kang alam, Rita! Hindi ako papayag na mangyari sakin yun! Mawala na ang lahat, pero hindi ako masisira! Hindi ako bababa!

Rita: Ate, anong meron ba sa itaas at ayaw mong bumaba? Masaya ka ba sa puwesto mo ngayon?

Lavinia: Bakit ikaw? Nasa baba ka, pero hindi ka rin naman masaya. Mas gugustuhin ko na ang ganito. Hindi ako masaya, pero nasa itaas ako, may puwesto ako.

Rita (hurt): Dahan-dahan, ate. Baka matupad ang hiling mo... at mamatay ka sa lungkot!

Rita gets up and leaves the room, leaving Lavinia alone.


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Friday, July 21, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 10.5

Jack returns to the Arguelles home because he cannot find Rita at school. He throws pebbles into the yard and calls Rita's name until she comes to the gate.

Watch the video on YouTube.


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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 10.4

Jay, Chris, and Jack are outside the wall of the Arguelles home. Jay and Chris are trying to push Jack up so he can reach the top of the wall.

They make an awkward human pyramid as Jay loses his balance, leaving Jack hanging onto the wall with his feet dangling in the air.


Jack is finally up on the wall, calling for Rita. She appears on the balcony, her left hand wrapped in a bandage.

She's shocked to see Jack there. Jack says he had to come because he can't reach her anymore. Rita reveals that her phone is with her mother, and that Barbara is just in the living room! She pleads with them to leave before Barbara catches them.

Jack says he won't leave until they've had a chance to talk. Jay asks Rita to talk to Jack so they can finally leave.

Afraid of getting caught, Rita finally agrees to talk to Jack in school. Jack is thrilled and almost falls off the wall.


You can watch this scene on YouTube.


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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 10.3

Lavinia appears on the variety show ASAP to perform "Dito Ba?" Barbara and Rita are in the audience cheering her on. Rita's left hand is no longer bandaged.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 10.1

Rita sneaks off to the second floor balcony so she can see Jack as they talk on their mobile phones. He is standing outside on the street. She tells him that the maids have been ordered to watch her, so she can't talk long.

He notices the bandage on her hand and asks if Barbara hurt her. Rita says she doesn't want to talk about it, and changes the subject by saying she's so happy to see him.

Jack's voice is heavy with emotion as he tells her he'll come every night to see her. Tearfully, she tells him not to come because they can't see each other anymore. He says he won't let that happen.

She pleads with him to not come back, that if he cares for her at all he won't come back. He asks her if that's really what she wants, and she turns away from him before she finally says yes.

Jack is hurt. With tears streaming down his face, he finally agrees.

She turns back for one last look at him, before she tearfully bids him goodbye and returns to her room, leaving him down on the street staring at the empty balcony, his face wet with tears.

You can watch the scene on YouTube.


Jack, Jay, and Chris are rehearsing on their own, with Jay and Chris providing the vocals to "A Million Miles Away." A staffer hears them and applauds them at the end of their song.

The two vocalists are flattered, but Jack just sits quietly brooding. After the staffer leaves, Chris asks Jack if he's still thinking of Rita.

Jay tells him it's better to forget about her and to focus on his career instead, because his career will be a better girlfriend. Jack turns to look at him, but says nothing.


It's mealtime again at the Arguelles home. Barbara says she will accompany Rita to school the next day because they will drop all her classes -- she will no longer be studying.

Barbara says she doesn't want Rita to use school as a way to sneak out and meet Jack. Rita looks at Lavinia, hoping her sister will intercede, but Lavinia says nothing.

Barbara reminds the maids just who is paying their salary and orders them to keep a watchful eye on Rita as Rita cries silently.

Barbara and Lavinia are about to leave when Rita's cellphone suddenly rings. Rita sees that the call is from Jack and quickly rejects the call.

But Barbara has heard the phone, and pointedly holds out her hand until Rita surrenders her cellphone. Barbara and Lavinia leave.

On the phone, Jack hears his call rejected. Now even more depressed, he returns to his seat at the keyboards, still saying nothing. Chris and Jay can only look at him.


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