Sunday, April 29, 2007

Carla models summer fashion on 'Sharon'

Carla appeared on the Sharon Cuneta Show tonight to model one of Arlene Sipat's summer fashion creations.

YouTube video is available.

Some random screenshots, including one from the trailer that was not aired on the show:

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Carla in Abt Ur Luv - Epi 22

Episode Title: Win-some-lose-some Friday

This blog entry contains episode highlights related to Carla's character, Brenda.


While chatting before a basketball game, Hillary agrees with Gzel and Nelle that there's some tension between Brenda and Celine.

* * *

Later, Celine is with Neri waiting for their badminton doubles game to start, when Gwen and Brenda arrive. Gwen and Neri express doubts about their ability to play since they are just beginners. Brenda is quick to turn away from Celine so they won't have to talk.

* * *

Celine and Neri are resting on the sidelines before their badminton game, when two girls next to them start trash-talking, complaining that the lack of competition in the game makes this tournament so "cheap".

Neri stops Celine from picking a fight by talking her into play a few rounds to warm up. Gwen also talks a reluctant Brenda into joining them on the court.

* * *

During their warm up game, both Neri and Gwen decide try their best, but it's obvious that they're having difficulty. They finally both decide to walk out of the tournament, because they're convinced that Celine and Brenda are better off playing as partners.

Celine tells Brenda she understands completely if Brenda would rather not play with her. Brenda tells her she's not that immature -- they can be civilized long enough to play a game together.

Before a surprised Celine can react, Brenda goes on to tell Celine that she's going to go watch Josh's basketball game until it's their turn to play. She also instructs Celine to keep an eye on her stuff, then walks off, leaving Celine to stare after her.

Brenda arrives at the basketball court just in time to see Hillary give Bill a kiss on the cheek. She is about to approach to Hillary when her cellphone beeps.

* * *

Back at the badminton court, Celine is anxiously waiting for Brenda's return. Their competitors are already talking about winning the game by default, but Brenda gets back in time, and they start the game.

The game goes badly at first, with Celine and Brenda making costly mistakes. At one point, Celine even gets hit on the head by the shuttlecock. Brenda walks over to her and asks if she's alright. Celine is okay, but she says it's like their opponents are doing this on purpose.

Now bonded by a common enemy, the two girls are determined to win, and they start playing well together. They win the game, and in their excitement, they hug until they remember that they're supposed to be enemies and quickly step away from each other.

In the awkward silence that follows, Celine tries again to apologize, but Brenda is also quick to offer her own apology. It doesn't take long before they agree that it's time to put the past behind them, and they hug again.

Brenda tells Celine that she's in the mood for some ice cream, and Celine says it's her treat. The two friends are happy and smiling as they walk off the court together.

* * *

After all their respective games, the gang gets together at the finish line for the sprint, where Gens, Mao, Stick, and Lieu are competing. Mao wins the sprint, and everyone cheers his win.

* * *

At home, Celine and Brenda are in the Smith living room chatting animatedly about their badminton game, and admitting that they really missed each other.

Hillary arrives just then, and says that the boys lost their basketball game. But she's still all smiles as she leaves the living room, where Brenda and Celine continue chatting and catching up on each other's news.

Next loveteam to watch

Journal Online
By: Remy Umerez

Link to original article

April 28, 2007

WHERE physical appearances is concerned, Victor Basa and Carla Humphries look great together. The two talents of Star Magic were featured in last week’s episode of Abt Ur Luv entitled “Patak Patak Tuesday”. [CF's note: Actually, they weren't.]

Carla has been around for quite sometime and with her statuesque beauty, she might just qualify to join a beauty pageant. Her delivery of the Tagalog language, however, needs more improvement.

When asked whether Victor is courting her, she said she has no idea. Hindi ba nagpaparamdam, we asked her again and Carla replied as if she doesn’t even know the meaning of the word. But friends (not great friends maybe) they absolutely are because they are being formed as a love team.

Carla has French blood and hopes to continue learning how to speak French.

We first met Victor at the Island Cove in Cavite City where ASAP was taping a summer special. We inquired about the huge tattoo on his arm. “I regret having this tattoo done on my body. As you can see, medyo burado na. It will require me a few more sessions para mabura ito completely,” he says.

What prompted him to have a tattoo in the first place?

“Wala lang. I guess, napagaya lang sa aking kabarkada. I don’t want to feel left out kaya nagpa-tattoo ako and believe me, it was very painful. Thanks to laser at hindi gaanong masakit ang pagpapatanggal nito.”

Victor’s adolescent years was full of angst but he would not tell us in detail the many insecurities he felt while growing up. As part of therapy, he wrote essays on these during his high school days.

One of Victor’s greatest fears is to be rejected. This is probably the reason why he is not courting Carla or any other woman for that matter. When queried about his sexual preference, the lanky former student of De la Salle College firmly said, “I am sure of my masculinity”. We suggested that he could do the courting through texting where his fears would be lessened.

Another fear of Victor is not being able to portray a role in the most effective manner. “I froze when I first faced the cameras. After undergoing an acting workshop ay nabawasan na ang aking kaba. Acting is totally a new experience for me and I am trying to be very positive about the whole thing. It is now my bread and butter and I want to last longer in this business.”

A woman who has wit is what Victor goes for. We wonder whether Carla would fit the description or not. [CF's note: Click here if you're also wondering.]

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Carla in Abante article

Abante Tonite
April 24, 2007

by Joe Barrameda

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Apat na taon na sa showbiz si Carla Humphries pero may pagka-manang pa rin siya.

Lumabas na sa sexy pictorial ang mga kasabayan niya pero never pa rin niya maatim na magpakuha kahit man lang naka-bathing suit. Hindi pa raw niya kaya.

Nalolokah nga ang Filipina mother niya. Si Carla ay may French-American na ama at dati silang naninirahan sa Paris, France kaya fluent si Carla sa wikang Pranses.

Gayung sa Paris siya nanirahan ay dapat moderna na si Carla pero kabaligtaran ito at mas pinili niya ang pagiging conservative Filipina.

Si Carla ay isa sa main cast ng Star Magic Presents Abt Ur Luv kung saan ang katambal niya ay si Victor Basa.

Hindi man aminin ni Carla ay type na type niya si Victor at kinikilig ang dalaga tuwing mapag-uusapan ang actor/model.

Natatakot kami na kapag biglang bumigay ang Carla at makawala sa pagka-konserbatibo ay baka kung anu-ano ang paggagawain.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ayaw na alisin si Victor Basa

People's Tonight
By: Nitz Miralles

April 22, 2007 03:16 PM Sunday

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Ayaw pumayag ni Carla Humphries na alisin si Victor Basa sa Abt Ur Luv dahil mawawalan siya ng ka-loveteam.

Okey sa kanya kung may Walang Kapalit ito at may ibang kapareha, dahil daily ang soap at pang-Saturday ang show nila sa ABS-CBN.

Dream ni Carla ang maging big star at naniniwalang malaki ang maitutulong ng loveteam nila ni Victor para madaling matupad ang pangarap.

Sa reaction ng fans sa mall tour nila, nakikita niyang kinikilig at sinusubaybayan ang istorya nina Stick (Victor) at Brenda, role niya sa Abt Ur Luv.

Maganda, sexy at flawless si Carla, posible ba siyang mag-cover sa FHM, Uno o Maxim?

“As much as possible, ayoko dahil ’di ko carry. Conservative ako at ang family ko at mag-one-piece lang ako kung nagsi-swimming, conscious na ako. Nirerespeto ko ang desisyon ng mga nagku-cover sa men’s magazines at naa-appreciate ko ang ginagawa nila, pero personally, ’di ko kaya. Aarte na lang ako,” sabi ni Carla.

Hindi natutuwa

Ni Nitz Miralles

Ang Pilipino STAR Ngayon 04/22/2007

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Hindi na rin natutuwa si Carla Humphries na everytime nakakausap siya ng press, laging tinatanong ang ex-boyfriend at ang patuloy nilang pagdidedmahan ‘pag nagkikita. Paano nga naman makaka-move on ang ex-couple kung kinukulit ng press? Ha-ha-ha!

Napansin lang namin na nagbago na ng statement si Carla tungkol sa ka-loveteam niya sa Abt Ur Luv na si Victor Basa. Kung dati’y kinikilig siya at inaaming type niya ang binata at gusto niyang maging boyfriend. Ngayon, ‘di na niya priority ang lovelife at ‘di sure kung gusto rin siya ng kapareha.

Para sa kanya, ang pinaka-sweet na ginawa nito’y nang sorpresahin siya at dumating sa Matabungkay Beach sa Batangas noong Holy Week para siya’y bisitahin. ‘Katuwa lang dahil kasama niya that time si Denise Laurel, ang karibal niya sa binata sa Abt Ur Luv.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Carla in Abt Ur Luv - Epi 21

Episode Title: Patak-Patak Tuesday

This blog entry contains episode highlights related to Carla's character, Brenda.


The barkada works together to raise money to replace the stolen van. The guys are washing cars, while Neri and Gens are joining a dance competition. The others hold a yard sale and sell food and baked goods.

Brenda is in the living room, rushing to put her things together. She asks why Hillary and Josh didn't wake her earlier. Hillary explains that she was distracted preparing food to sell as part of their fundraising.

Brenda finishes straightening out her things, and rushes out of the house just as Neri and Gens arrive.


Brenda arrives at an art class, to find her students already all there waiting. She apologizes for being late and starts instructing her students to get their pencils and erasers out. She is still giving out instructions when she notices that Celine is sitting at the far end of the class.

She sits down looking at her table, and looks uncertainly at Celine.


Later, Brenda goes around the class and compliments the work of her students one by one. Celine tries to show Brenda her work and asks for feedback. Brenda tries to ignore her, but Celine insists on getting Brenda's attention.

Brenda finally takes Celine's sketchpad and asks the class for their feedback. They all laugh at Celine's drawing.

Discouraged but not ready to give up, Celine asks Brenda to explain to her how she can improve her drawing. When Brenda says it can't be improved anymore, Celine flips the page on her sketchpad and says she can start on a new page, on a clean slate.

Brenda quietly tells her that it's not going to happen (it's obvious they are both now talking about their friendship and not the drawing). When Celine insists that nothing is impossible, Brenda challenges her to draw better than one of the other students.


Brenda is at an exhibit of her student's art works when Celine arrives with a new drawing. She shows it to Brenda, who reluctantly admits that it's a good drawing. She asks Celine if she's really the one who drew it. She asks Celine not to lie to her, because she knows that Celine can't even draw a straight line. Celine admits that Web drew it for her.

Brenda quietly tells Celine that she appreciates her effort, but that this doesn't change anything because they can't be friends anymore. Her trust has been broken. Celine walks away in tears.


At the end of the day, Brenda takes down the drawings from the exhibit, including Celine's drawing. She stares at it for a moment, before she takes out her phone, and smiles. She turns off the lights of the exhibit area and leaves with Celine's drawing.

Later that night, everyone is together at one of the neighborhood hangouts. Neri and Gens are no longer participating in the dance competition, but Gens says there's no reason why they shouldn't perform after all their practices.

Neri notices that everyone except Celine is there, and calls to check on her. Celine is lying in bed when she answers her cellphone. She asks Neri if Brenda is there, and says she's sure Brenda won't want to see her anyway. Neri hangs up the phone, but she's determined that things will work out in the end because she believes friendship will prevail.

Gens calls everyone's attention and they start performing, much to everyone's enjoyment.

Presscon for Carla and Victor

Journal Online
April 21, 2007

Tell & Tell
By Mercy Lejarde

Link to original article

Preskon nga pala nila Victor Basa at Carla Humphries para sa loveteam nila sa Abt Ur Luv, kung saan ay click sila as Stick and Brenda sa episode na Patak, Patak Tuesday.

At take note, nang sabihin namin kay Carla na siya ang type maging permanent loveteam ni Victor, panay ang tanong niya sa amin, “Ano pa ang sabi niya?”

Uuuyyy, mukhang talagang limot na ni Carla ang ex-boyfriend na si Janus del Prado at tipong may pag-asa si Victor, huh.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Victor: Yes, Carla Qualifies

April 20, 2007
By: Mario E. Bautista

Link to original article

CARLA Humphries says she’s not sure if Victor Basa, who’s paired with her in the Saturday afternoon show "Abt Ur Luv," is wooing her, so we ask Victor directly if he’s courting her. “No, hindi pa,” he says. “If I’d be given the chance, gusto ko sana. But I can see Carla is so focused on her career and takot din ako sa rejection. Siguro mas mabuti if we become good friends muna.”

What is he looking for in a woman? “I want women who are witty and interested in a lot of other things.”

Does Carla qualify? “I think so.”

Carla Avoids Questions about Ex

Carla Humphries avoids questions about ex-boyfriend Janus del Prado

by Dinno Erece
Thursday, April 19, 2007

Link to original article

"Please, huwag na nating pag-usapan si Janus del Prado," request ni Carla Humphries during a special press con for her and Star Magic Presents: Abt Ur Luv partner na si Victor Basa sa ABS-CBN compound.

More than a year na since nag-split sina Carla and Janus. At that time, hindi nga nila nito naamin nang official, causing a rift between Carla and Janus's sister, PEP contributor Pilar Mateo.

"Hindi ko po kasi alam kung paanong sumagot noon kapag tinatanong ng press kung kami ba o hindi, dahil may orders po sa amin not to make a big deal out of this," sagot ni Carla.

"Hindi ko po alam na inaamin na pala ni Janus ang relation namin at ako naman, non-committal so nagkaroon ng miscommunication," aniya pa.

But again, that was a year ago.

Kung maari raw, hindi na sana natatanong sa kaniya si Janus dahil matagal na rin silang walang communication. Baka isipin din daw kasi ng mga tao, ginagamit niya pa ang ex niya para may mapag-usapan lang about her.

Sa ngayon, single si Carla. May bonding na nabubuo sa kanila ni Victor. Pero sinabi niyang hindi pa siya nililigawan ng kaniyang partner. As of now, they are enjoying their blessed singleness dahil single din ngayon si Victor and their deep friendship in their series na on its second season na.

Kasama rin si Carla sa Regine Velasquez-Piolo Pascual movie ng Star Cinema. Her last movie was D' Lucky Ones kung saan si Janus ang partner niya that time.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Carla on Victor and Janus

People's Journal

By: Mario E. Bautista

Link to original article

THE ratings of ‘Abt Ur Luv’ in its second season continues to go up. And why not? Its lovable young stars are endearing themselves to more fans.

One of the most engaging love stories in the show is that of Carla Humphries and Victor Basa. Victor is Stick, a gym instructor, and Carla is Brenda, an organized girl who falls in love with him. In the first season, they went steady and everything is okay until Brenda sees Stick kissing her best friend, Celine (Denise Laurel). Brenda got mad but still tried to save their relationship.

In the second season, they have decided to call it quits. Is there hope for them to reconcile or at least still be friends?

We got to interview Carla and asked her if her off cam relationship with Denise was really affected by their rivalry over Victor? “No, we remain the best of friends,” she says. “Last Holy Week, she invited me to spend it in their beach house in Matabungkay with her family. It was the first time I didn’t spend Holy Week with my own family and I enjoyed it kasi kami-kaming nagluluto, e I enjoy cooking.”

Is Victor really wooing her off cam? “I don’t know. I don’t want to jump to conclusions naman. But last Holy Week, he surprised me at dinalaw ako kina Denise. Tapos, when I say I’ll buy popcorn, uunahan na niya ako and buy some for me. Even with Janus (Del Prado, her first boyfriend), hindi ko alam na nililigawan na pala niya ako. He just talked to my mom at sinabing he’s courting me.”

Janus said he felt so hurt when she ended their relationship. He locked himself up in his room for weeks and got drunk. “I’m sorry kung nasaktan ko siya. I just want time to heal everything so we’ll be comfortable with each other again. But I heard some weeks lang after we broke up, may bago na siyang girlfriend. Ako nga, wala pa.”

Carla impressed viewers with her fine acting as Angelika de la Cruz’s younger sister in “Bituing Walang Ningning.” “I’m hoping mabigyan sana uli ako ng bagong soap. As of now, I’m in the movie ‘Sana Ay Ikaw Na’ of Piolo Pascual and Regine Velasquez. Mark Bautista and I play Piolo’s friends in it.”

Meantime, she’s enjoying "Abt Ur Luv" which is aired Saturdays at 4 p.m. “Masaya kami lagi sa set and we’ve all become good friends ng other cast members.”

This Saturday’s episode, “Patak Patak Tuesday” shows the effects of a carnapping-holdup that the teens experienced have on them. It teaches them the meaning of responsibility, honesty, and the value of money as they embark on various projects to generate funds and recover their losses.

Daily Insider on Carla

People's Taliba

By: Dinno Erece

Link to original article

“HUWAG na nating pagusapan si Janus (del Prado),” say ni Carla Humphries tungkol sa kanyang ex- boyfriend.

Second season na ang Star Magic Presents: Abt Ur Luv sa ABS and there is a possibility of a third season dahil sa positive feedback. Sa said Saturday teen show ng ABS nabuo ang tambalang Carla and Victor Basa as Brenda and Stick. Kung wala pang nangyayari sa dalawa in real life, sa show, pagkarami-rami na nag split na nga sila sa show.

Carla and Victor are both very much single. Ayaw pa ulit ni Carla na magka-relasyon. As is nga, hanggang ngayon, kahit more than a year na raw na break sila ni Janus, yun pa rin palagi ang tinatanong sa kaniya so nagri-request siya enough na raw sana ang subject about Janus dahil matagal na silang wala and hindi na siya updated sa nangyayari sa ex niya.

Kung bakit kasi ayaw pang manligaw ni Victor eh. Hmp!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Carla in Abt Ur Luv -- Epi 20

Episode Title: Saturday Takutan

This blog entry contains episode highlights related to Carla's character, Brenda.


Everyone's finally back on the road and heading home again.

Stick is driving one of the vans and they decide they'd like to stop for something to eat. Bill, who is driving the other van, decides to just keep driving since they're only 30 minutes away from home.

The two vans are separated when Bill makes a turn and Gens loses signal on the cellphone that Mao lent him. The two groups try to call each other, but are not able to get through.

The van driven by Bill arrive home soon after. Everyone alights from the van, happy to be back home: Gzel, Bill, Hillary, Lieu, Gwen, Mao, Nelle, Ahmad, Brenda, and Yaya Ciana. Brenda says goodnight to everyone and enters her home, while the rest go to look for something to eat.

Later that evening, Brenda is sitting in the living room at home, leafing through a magazine when she finds a photo of herself and Celine inserted in the pages. She is about to tear the photo in half when Hillary enters and stops her and takes the photo from her.

Brenda asks her to throw it away, but Hillary says it would be such a waste.

Hillary sits down and tells Brenda she got the impression that her sister had already given up Stick when she let Celine ride in the same van with him.

Brenda admits that she has given him up, but explains to Hillary that it doesn't mean she wants Celine as a friend again. She quietly says she doesn't even want to see Celine again, nor does she want to keep Celine's photo. She asks Hillary again to throw the photo away.

Hillary sadly gets up and leaves the living room. Alone, Brenda stares off into space as she cries silent tears.