Saturday, March 29, 2008

At the Fit 'n Rite Finals

Carla was in one of the production numbers in the Finals Night of Del Monte's Fit 'n Rite Challenge, which was held in Boracay.

The finals aired tonight on ABS-CBN.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Palos: Noodle Crisis (2008Mar28)

This blogpost summarizes episode highlights for Carla's character, Stella.


When Stella remarks to the president that the children from the orphanage cannot survive much longer without an antidote because their immune systems can't handle the chemicals, he decides to order the release of the terrorist Watashi in exchange for the antidote.

Previous Episode: Aftermath

Next Episode: Antonino's Complaint

Thursday, March 27, 2008

On Wowowee

Carla was part of the opening number in today's episode of Wowowee.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Carla spotted in Boracay

From Showbuzzer

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How was your vacation?
March 25, 2008

Excerpt only:

At the Del Monte Fit 'n Rite Challenge...

Victor Basa also did a pre-program activity with his former loveteam Carla Humphries.

Although malakas ang chemistry nila onstage, we know offstage that Victor is doing his own chemistry experiment with Valeen Montenegro who was nowhere in sight.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

With Roxanne at Bora

Roxanne Guinoo's Multiply account has photos from her stay at Boracay during Holy Week. These pics are from her Bora album. All photos are owned by her.

Many thanks to Peachy for pointing these out to me!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Carla's Ktext -- March 21, 2008

Carla sent Ktext today.

Nag tricycle kame papunta sa hotel dito sa bora super saya kasama ko dito si ate Rikka from talent center! :)

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Carla's Ktext -- March 20, 2008

Carla sent Ktext.

Guys! Happy holy week :) I'm here now at the airport going to boracay! Its my first time to go to bora :) our flight has been delayed since 2oclock :-P so nagbobonding kame dito nila victor :) up date ko kayo!?

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Palos: Aftermath (2008Mar18)

This blogpost summarizes episode highlights for Carla's character, Stella.


Stella listens as her father is told that the palace held a press conference, because people in the media were becoming restless. His shooting injury makes it harder to contain the news of the attempted kidnapping.

The president remarks that he wants to hear Fabio's explanation for the shooting because his agents are not expected to use such tactics.

Stella points out that Fabio had no formal training, unlike General Vittorio, so it's only natural that he doesn't act as expected.

The president says perhaps it's time that they involved someone from one of legitimate government agencies, someone with proper training, to supervise Fabio's leadership of Neptune. He orders his staff to have his advisers propose an overseer for Neptune.


Previous Episode: Hostage Crisis

Monday, March 17, 2008

Palos: Hostage Crisis (2008Mar17)

This blogpost summarizes episode highlights for Carla's character, Stella.


The guests at the party start to sense that something is wrong when the palace guards start securing the area on Fabio's orders.

Enzo gets a call and informs Paola and Aldo that Fabio needs them outside to provide backup. When they try to keep Stella from going with them, she tells them they won't be able to leave the building without her now that it's been locked down.

Outside, Alessandro threatens to shoot the president unless everyone backs off and lets him escape.

Fabio shocks everyone when he shrugs off Alessandro's threat and says he'll have no trouble shooting a replaceable President to prevent Alessandro from escaping.

Alessandro calls Fabio's bluff, forcing Fabio to shoot the president in the leg so he can get a clear shot at Alessandro.

With the crisis diffused, Stella asks her father if he's okay then asks Giancarlo to call for an ambulance.

Back inside the residence, Stella puts her medical training to good use by tending to her father's bullet wound, all the while expressing her anger. When he becomes restless, she asks his staff to leave the room.

Later, Fabio approaches Stella and apologizes for having shot the President.

Stella expresses her displeasure.

She listens to Fabio's reasons, before telling him that he's lucky the President was not fatally injured, otherwise she would not hesitate to shoot him herself.

Some time later, Stella finds her father restlessly hobbling around his bedroom, and tells him he should take things easy lest he re-open his wound.

He reminds her that he's still the President and that he can't just stop working because of a minor injury. He assures her that he'll be okay, and that he's longing to get out and talk to people, including Fabio.

Stella expresses her concern about Fabio's methods, and says that with the tactics that he's willing to use, Fabio will end up killing someone sooner or later.


Previous Episode: Stella's Bienvenida