Friday, June 30, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 7.5

Rita chides Lavinia for the way she treated Nico at the Zoni launch. Lavinia tells her it's none of her business, and that Rita has no right to criticize Lavinia while she's living of her sister's income.

Rita says this is just what she means. Lavinia has changed. She now has a sharp tongue and says things to hurt. Lavinia says she has changed, she's no longer the old Lavinia.

Rita pleads with Lavinia to go back to the way she used to be: simple, compassionate, incapable of hurting anyone. That's the true Lavinia, not this person who has become so hard. Lavinia says with all that she has been through, she needs to be hard, because that's the only way she can survive.

Rita tells her it doesn't have to be this way. Her career is going well. They're no longer poor. She can now relax. Lavinia disagrees. She says that now that she's on top, she will not accept being anything less. She's not willing to give up her position, ever. Lavinia leaves and Rita can only sigh.


Jack calls Rita and asks if she knows how to read musical pieces. She says no and that she only plays by ear.

He asks if she's interested in a racket. Barbara appears behind Rita and listens as she asks Jack what the racket is about. Jack says they urgently need a guitarist for an upcoming show and asks if she's interested.

Rita excitedly says of course she's interested, and asks where it will be. Barbara interrupts by asking what the phone call is about.

Rita explains that her friend needs a guitarist and that it's just a one-shot-deal. She asks Barbara's permission.

When Barbara consents, Rita is at first excited... but Barbara spoils the moment by saying it's just as well because Rita can be a parasite the rest of her life.

Rita takes the barb in stride. Barbara leaves. Rita and Jack arrange to meet later.


Jack finds Rita waiting in the front row of the venue and thanks her for being a lifesaver.

She tells him she's worried because the venue is so much larger than what she expected and asks who will be performing. Jack tells her that they will.

Rita is surprised and asks who their lead singer is. Somewhat puzzled that she doesn't know, Jack tells Rita that the band still has the same lead singer -- Dorina Pineda.

As Rita digests this surprising news, Dorina and Nico appear on stage.

Dorina greets Rita by name and asks what she's doing here. Jack is surprised that the two women know each other and says that Dorina is their new guitarist.

Dorina says she didn't know Rita played the guitar and that it should be no surprise that she's talented, just like her sister.

Rita hesitantly asks Dorina not to let her sister know that she's playing in the band. Dorina is puzzled; she says she's sure that Lavinia would be happy to help her if she knew she had a need.

Rita doesn't correct Dorina's misconcepcion. She gives the excuse that her mother doesn't want her working because she should be focused on school instead. But since this is just a one-time thing, Rita hopes Dorina will not say anything. Dorina promises to keep her secret.

All this time, Nico recognizes Rita but says nothing. Dorina welcomes Rita to the band, even though she'll be with them just for a short while.

Rita thanks her profusely, and Dorina excuses herself to go rehearse.

Nico and Rita look at each other, but there's nothing more to say.


Jack and Rita rehearse. Jack's interest in her is obvious.


Rita rushes home with her guitar to find Barbara, Larry, and Lavinia in the living room. She is about to climb the stairs when Barbara calls her back.

Barbara asks her where the band will be performing because she wants to check it out for herself. Rita tries to discourages Barbara from going by saying she's just a substitute and that it would just be a waste of Barbara's time if she went.

Before Barbara can ask more questions, Rita escapes by kissing her mother goodnight and rushing upstairs, leaving Barbara to stare after her.


The band's rehearsals go well. While they take a break, Zossimo pulls out an ipod and asks them to listen to the songs and choose which ones they'd like to include on their upcoming album.

They pick one in particular -- "Sana'y Maghintay ang Walang Hanggan" -- and hook the ipod up to the speakers so the rest of the band can hear it.

Gary asks Zossimo if they can use that song because it would be perfect for Dorina. They learn that it is the last song that Rosamia composed before Larry let her go, and which Larry never bothered to listen to.

Zossimo tells them he'll visit Rosamia at her videoke later to get her permission to use the song. Dorina asks if she can go with him and he says yes.