Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Qpids: Episode 2.2

Janus leaves Nabasan beach with a five-minute head start over Mikel, and arrives at the Jest Camp, but quickly loses any time advantage he had because he has difficulty finding the flag marker.

The Note. Finally, after a lot of searching, Janus find the flag marker, and retrieves the pink, heart-shaped note placed below the flag.

The note reads: Sa gitna ng kawalan, kaya mo bang silbihan ang love princess mo? Patunayang maabilidad kayong mga prince charming sa pamamagitan ng paggawa ng apoy. Hanapin ang master jungle guide para magpaturo at kumain ng... isang surprise treat! And the surprise treat turns out to be... frogs!

Misguided. Janus dashes off to look for the master jungle guide. Unfortunately, he loses even more time when he and a few other charmings ask for assistance from the wrong guide, and even take a few moments to clown around.

Luis (voiceover): Eto naman sila ni Janus, kulitan parin ang inaatupag.

Anne (voiceover) Parang nagpipiesta. Mali naman ang pinuntahan nilang guide.

Anne (voicever): Finally, sinabihan sila na mali ang kanilang pinuntahan, kaya naman, nagka-riot.

Janus: Akala namin, yung pinuntahan namin yung tamang jungle... tarzan... firemaker. Na-windang kaming lahat.

As the charmings are shown once again racing through the camp to look for the correct guide, we hear Luis (voiceover): Hala, sige... hindi kasi ninyo hinanap ng mabuti. Tabla na uli ngayon ang lahat ng magka-ribal na prince charmings. Silang lahat ay nasa tamang guide na.

Lighting the Fires. As the charmings work feverishly to light their fires and cook their frogs, Janus starts to heckle Mikel, saying: Mikel... di ka nahihirapan? Tatawa na yan...

Janus (during his interview): Walang nag-a-assist sa akin. Halatang-halata ang favoritism, kasi tatlo-tatlo ang nag-a-assist kay Mikel, alam niyo yun? May angst ako ngayon eh... I'm bitter. (he exhales) I'm bitter.

Anne (voiceover): 'Wawa naman, Janus.

The Princesses Arrive to visit their charmings, and to offer support and encouragement.

We see Carla standing near Mikel, saying: Kaya mo yan, Mikel... lakihan mo...

Anne (voiceover): Si Carla kaya? Sold ka ba kay Janus at Mikel?

Janus to Mikel (heckle mode): Hahahahaha! Mukha kang ewan... Mikel makes a face at Janus in response.

Carla (during her interview): Sa fire naman... medyo nahirapan silang pareho. Si Janus, talagang pinilit niyang gumawa ng apoy, pero talagang hindi niya kaya. Ganun din si Mikel. Pero mas nabilib ako kay Janus kasi may pilay na siya, pero nagpursige siyang gumawa ng apoy.

Janus (during his interview): Pagdating ko kasi duon, nandun na si Carla eh. So medyo may homecourt advantage na siya (Mikel).

Mikel (during his interview, clearly irritated): Anong homecourt advantage?! (cut to a scene where Carla is standing next to Mikel, saying... Pwede ba akong tumulong?) Fine! Fine, so what if I have a homecourt advantage...

Janus: May nakikita akong sparkle sa mga mata niya kapag kasama niya si Mikel, eh. Parang, kay Mikel lang umiikot ang mundo niya. Si Mikel lang lagi. Pagtinanong ko, 'kamusta ka na?' "Ah... okay naman si Mikel", yun ang sagot niya. o 'Kumain ka na ba?' "Oo... kumain na si Mikel"

Luis (voiceover): O! Janus at Mikel... tama na at baka magkaasaran na kayo ng tuluyan.

Carla's May 31, 2005 Ktext

Carla sent new Ktext today, May 31.

Manood kayo gabi gabi ng qpids para malaman kung bakit nakakaINLOVE ang dalawang prince charmings ko :) at kung cno sa kanila ang ppliin ng management para sakin! :) sabay tayong makilig, umiyak, at tumawa sa love story namin dito sa Qpids :) "dito ang puso ko" =D

Qpids Downloads for Carla

ABS-CBN now offers mobile downloads for Qpids Love Princess Carla.

To download the Carla phone logo, send QL6 to 23667743.

To download the Carla picture message, send QP6 to 23667743.
P15 per logo or picture message

To download the MMS logo, send QC6 to 23667743
P20 per colored photo

Here's what the MMS logo looks like:

Monday, May 30, 2005

Qpids: Episode 2.1

The Race of Hearts. In this race, the charmings must compete for the opportunity to have an exclusive date with their Love Princess. The loser of the race becomes the alalay of the princess and her winning charming.

The race starts at Nabasan beach, then moves to the Jest Camp, and then returns again to the Nabasan beach. At each of the three stops, there is a LOVEnture that the Charmings must complete. The first LOVEnture is a measure of Strength -- the Love Combat.

The Love Combat. In this test, competing charmings are taken offshore where a beam is floating on the ocean. The charmings must get on the beam and use jousting sticks to throw their opponent off balance. The winning prince can then claim a rose from the end of the beam and return to shore, where he must give the rose to his princess to obtain instructions for the next step. The loser gets a 5-minute penalty and must wait in the water by the beam before claiming his rose and returning to shore to get the next clue.

Carla's two charmings, Mikel and Janus are rowed out to the beam on a bangka, and after they've taken up their positions, Anne gives the cue for them to start. Mikel swings at Janus almost immediately, but Janus parries the attack with his hand, then hits Mikel in the face with the padded end of the jousting stick.

Mikel recovers and swings at Janus, but eventually loses his balance and falls off the beam. Janus swims back to shore with his rose and claims the instructions for the next step from Carla, while Mikel waits out his 5-minute penalty in the water.

Carla: Yung mga prince charming... medyo naging hindi charming... dahil nagsalpukan sila...

Janus: Naghahampasan kami ng mga higanteng cotton buds. Tapos, tinamaan ko siya sa face. Tapos sabi niya -- #@$@! ka! Tapos nung natamaan ko siya sa face, nasira daw yung shades niya.

Mikel: Janus himself gave the signal to start the jousting. So I went for the first strike.


The Ride to the Jest Camp. Mikel and Janus are now both in separate vans racing towards the Jest Camp.

Anne (voiceover): Kamusta naman ang nagkakapikunan na si Mikel at Janus?

Janus shows the cameraman a wrist injury, which he apparently sustained when the unpadded portion of Mikel's jousting stick had hit his wrist.

Mikel in turn accused Janus of cheating, and demanded that Janus replace the sunglasses that he had lost when he butted Mikel in the face.

Anne (voiceover): Ay... mukhang ayaw ni Carla ng nagkakaganyan.

Star Magic's Talented Newcomers

Originally published on Manila Bulletin

Celebrity World
by Crispina Belen

It’s easy to note that many talented newcomers are in the Star Magic (formerly Talent Center) stable of ABS-CBN. Most of them are in the cast of the network’s new reality, "Qpids" which premiered last Monday (May 23).

One of them is Carla Humphries Loren who turned 20 (CF's note: should be 17) last May 20. Carla enjoined us to watch "Qpids," which she described as "talagang maganda at ibang-iba. Masayang show ito so please find time to watch it." It must be good and promising indeed because the network pitted it against GMA-7’s toprating reality show "Extra Challenge."

Statuesque Carla is half-Filipino and half-French and her looks (which is cross between Audrey Hepburn and Jennifer Love Hewitt) make her a stunning beauty. She has also travelled extensively even at an early age. She stayed in Paris for several years (and that is why she could speak French quite well). But home will always be Lipa and Batangas where her mother and relatives come from. Carla belongs to a political family in Batangas, her grandparents being mayors for several terms.

Carla hopes to make a name in acting but she would never forsake her studies, she said. She is an incoming Fine Arts sophomore student at UST. An innate artist, Carla has been painting ever since she was nine years old. Her very first painting, which depicts a bahay kubo, is the one she loves most, she said that’s why she has kept it. The others, she has given to friends and relatives. Carla has about 30 art works and that’s why we told her she can very well hold her own arts exhibit already. Her style is surrealistic and she uses oil as a medium.

Carla is one of Star Magic’s most in demand print and TV commercial models, and just came back from Bangkok, Thailand where she shot a shampoo (Sunsilk) commercial. Talent scouts came over to look for a commercial model for the shampoo and she was lucky enough to have been chosen, Carla said. She is also one of Harvard USA celebrity endorsers and has also done a Gentext and iced tea endorsements.

A member of Star Circle Batch 11, Carla has appeared in shows like "Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas," "Berks," and "Sarah, the Teen Princess." In "Qpids," she is one of the "Love Princesses."

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Carla In Demand

Originally published on Tumbok, May 29, 2005.

Isa sa mga in-demand print and TV commercial models ng Star Magic, pinaghalong Audrey Hepburn at Jennifer Love Hewitt ang kanyang mukha pero unique pa ring matatawag ang beauty ni Carla Humphries Loren.

Isa sa mga Love Princesses sa bagong reality TV show ng Qpids, kagagaling lang ni Carla sa isang international commercial shoot para sa isang shampoo brand. Kasama si Carla sa Star Circle Batch 11 at napabilang na siya sa mga shows gaya ng Sanay's Wala Nang Wakas, Berks, at Sarah the Teen Princess.

Si Carla ay half Filipino at half French at incoming 2nd year Fine Arts student sa University of Sto. Tomas. Isa rin siya sa Harvard USA celebrity endorsers at sinelebreyt niya ang kanyang 17th birthday last May 20.

Carla in Bangkok

This Ktext was sent on May 12, 2005 but I only got it recently. Many thanks to Eric for sharing this with me.

Im in bangkok...:) havng my hair treated 4 a hair ad :)) ang sarap magshoping d2 hehe mura talaga! Pero masgus2 ko dyn sa pinas mis na mis ko kayng lahat :( anyways god bless tc :) txt u latr :)

Friday, May 27, 2005

Qpids: Episode 1.5

The Pictorial. It's Carla's turn to have her pictorial with Cholo and Janus. They were asked to pose with a baby cayman crocodile.

Carla: Excited ako sa animal. Kasi diba, saan ka pa makakahawak ng ganun? So ako, talagang kinuha ko at linalaro-laro ko.

Janus: Hindi naman takot si Carla eh... yun ang okay dun. Kasi nahihirapan ako, hindi ako makahinga eh. Higpit ng kapit niya sa leeg ko eh. (makes a face)

Cholo (while watching them): Hindi bagay. Hindi kayo bagay. Mas bagay kami. Parang hindi ka artista...

Carla: Comfortable naman ako sa kanila kasi kalog naman kaming lahat. Tingnan nalang natin kung kasing kalog nila tayo. (laughs)

The Final Pictorial Results

Mr. Qpido's Choice. Night has fallen, and the entire cast is gathered in front of a campfire as Direk Lauren walks forward.

He says -- Today, you had an opportunity to bond during our LOVEntures. You all got a chance to get to know each other better. And while all this was going on, I was studying and observing you to see who would be suitable as your partners.

Direk continues -- As I said before, just because you like a person, it doesn't mean they would be suitable as your loveteam partner. Sometimes, it's just gut feel -- the gut feel of a director who thinks a pairing will work. So now, I will reveal my choices, with the Blue Bear -- Mr. Qpido's choice.

With Mikel and Carla standing in front, Direk Lauren says: For Love Princess Carla, my personal choice ay si Prince Charming... JANUS!! (the cast cheers in response).

Luis (voiceover): Astig ni Janus! hahaha!

Carla during her interview: Feeling ko may... parang... pwedeng ma-develop sa amin... na parang magic.

Direk explains his choice: Masarap silang panoorin, kasi masaya silang tingnan. Kalog sila. Barok ang dating ni Janus. Wacky si Carla, on the sosyal side.

Janus: Sobrang positive-negative kami. Yung sobrang magagandang traits nasa kanya, lahat ng negative sa akin (laughs).

Luis (voiceover): Parang beauty and the beast. Bagay!
Anne (voiceover): Parang tayo!

Direk asks Mikel: Are you threatened?

Mikel: Yes, I'm threatened. Because Janus for me is the ultimate rival.

Carla: Two different worlds sila eh. Si Mikel, medyo manly tsaka mestizo siya. Tapos, si Janus naman... kalog, laidback.

Luis (voiceover): Mukhang mahihirapang pumili si Carla.

Star Magic May celebrants

Excerpt of an article originally published by The Journal

Qpids Love Princess Carla Humphries Loren turned 17 on May 20.

Star Magic's Rikka Dylim hosted a dinner for all the May celebrants. Carla is the Jennifer Love Hewitt look-a-like who's paired with Mikel Campos and Janus del Prado in "Qpids." A fine arts sophomore at UST, she's half Filipino and half French.

She's just been chosen by Sunsilk to be their signature model for Asia and the Pacific region and she just shot her TV commercial for them in Bangkok.

So, who does she prefer between Mikel and Janus? "They're so different from each other," she says. "One is mestizo and very sosyal. The other is so kalog and has a good sense of humor. I'm glad sila ang natapat sa akin but I'll just let management decide who between them is best for me."

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Qpids: Episode 1.4

After the safari, Mr. Qpido had another task for the Princes and Princesses. They were led to another part of the zoo, where they were told that each princess will have a pictorial with two princes of Direk Lauren's choice. The results of the pictorial will help Direk Lauren narrow down his final choice for each princess.

Direk Lauren's choice for Carla's pictorial partners are Janus and Cholo.

Direk Lauren also assigned Mikel, whom Carla had picked as her prince charming the night before, to be one of the pictorial partners of Paw.

Anne (voiceover): Eh si Love Princess Carla? Selos kaya over Mikel?

Carla (during interview): Okay lang naman. Akala lang kasi namin yun na yun eh. (flashback to bus scene) So okay lang...basta... ibalik lang niyo siya sa akin. (laughs) Joke lang... (laughs)

CF's Note: Carla's pictorial scenes will be in tomorrow's episode.

MRS Boogaloo Boogaluv

A few of the Qpids cast members were on today's MRS episode for a dance number. This episode was entitled entitled Boogaloo Boogaluv, and featured British pop duo Soul Control.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Qpids: Episode 1.3

In today's Qpids episode, Carla talks about the safari experience -- nung una kasi, wala talaga akong clue. Papunta na kami sa jeep -- parang... bakit may bars?! Tapos sabi ni Cholo -- magpapakain tayo ng tiger! Ako naman (di naniwala) -- ay, ewan ko sa 'yo...

While on the safari bus, Carla becomes worried for the safari employee who is feeding chickens to the wild tiger. As the tiger jumps against the side of the jeep, she yells, Manong, yung kamay niyo!


CF's note: Carla and Mikel are separated in this episode. Carla is in the first batch that went on the safari. Mikel was placed in the third batch.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Qpids: Episode 1.2

It's now Carla's turn to choose her prince charming, and when she steps forward on stage, she says: "I'll be giving this bear to someone who's not as fat as the bear. Actually, he's the opposite of this bear! I chose him because he makes me laugh. And I'm comfortable with him. And he knows my mom! (laughs) Also, he already chose me because I'm tall and no one else is as tall as I am here." Then she turns to her prince charming and jokingly says, "Ano nga name mo?!" and it's Mikel!

Mikel steps forward and in his interview, he reveals that when he heard Carla say her prince charming was "matangkad" and "payat", that was already the punchline. That was my comfort zone. I was thinking -- Thank God!

Mikel joins Carla then escorts her to the back of the stage.

Watching them, Luis comments: parang may tension and attraction. Anne also remarks: parang aso't pusa sila!

The next morning, the 9 pairs are on the Love Bus on the way to an unknown destination. Carla and Mikel spend the time sitting together at the back seat, singing and jamming.

Mikel is smiling in his interview when he says: Nandun lumabas ang first burst ng ka-weirdo-han ko...

Carla in her interview says: Kumakanta kami at sumasayaw kami... at kumakanta pala si Mikel! Nag-ja-jive naman...

Monday, May 23, 2005

Qpids: Episode 1.1

These are screenshots from Week 1, Episode 1 of Qpids.

Carla arriving on a horse-drawn carriage...

Carla's reaction when Mikel chooses her to be his dance partner because he "fetishes the eyes"...

On the dance floor with Mikel...

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Carla on ASAP Fanatic

Carla and the Qpids Princesses were on ASAP Fanatic for a dance number in this special basketball-themed episode.

Major thanks to margaux for sending me this exclusive backstage photo of Carla and Karel.

Carla's May 21-22 Ktext

Carla sent three Ktext messages this weekend.

Nandito kami sa abs ni Gabs. Magpropromote kami ng qpids sa mrt. salubungin nyo kami ha :) excited nako sa monday na! watch kayo ha :)

Close kami ni manny... heehee :)

Fanatic kami today launching ng Qpids :) watch kayo ha :) Sama ko c baby van now :) we're getting ready na!

Kasakay Ko Kapamilya Ko

10 MRT (mass rail transit) trains that travel along EDSA now have large posters advertising 10 of ABS-CBN's shows, including the upcoming reality show Qpids.

Artists of these ten shows attended the inauguration of the new trains on Saturday, May 21. Ms. Charo Santos was the guest of honor at the ribbon cutting.

Carla was spotted on the train together with Qpids cast members Vanessa, Mikel, and Janus. Screenshots from TV Patrol World and The Buzz.

The posters will be up for six months.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Birthday Greetings!

In the coming year, I hope you will:
- be healthy and happy
- have more success and blessings than you can imagine
- be surrounded by faithful friends who will watch out for you
- be supported by a family that cherishes you
- be with someone who will treasure you.

Happy birthday, Carla! :D

Monday, May 16, 2005

Carla and Janus on Showbiz #1

Carla Humphries Loren and Janus del Prado were in-studio guests at today's episode of Showbiz #1.

Hosts Dominic Ochoa and Toni Gonzaga, together with showbiz reporters Lisa Andaya (The Buzz Magazine and Bulgar) and MJ Felipe (Remake and ETK) interviewed Janus del Prado, Carla Humphries Loren, Jerome Sala, and Vhong Navarro.

During the segment devoted to Janus and Carla, MJ Felipe asked: Now that you're going to be in a reality loveteam search, are you prepared to have a boyfriend or girlfriend who is also in showbiz? Some people don't like that since they say it's too public.

There was a lot of laughter, then Janus finally replied: Ayos lang... Hindi ako nagsasalita ng tapos kung gusto ko o ayaw ko.

Janus was also asked why he agreed to be part of Qpids when, unlike other cast members, he's not new to showbiz. Janus replied -- "Bakit hindi? It's a privilege to be part of the show, and I've worked with Direk Lauren before in Gmik".

Toni remarked at that point -- I think I know why Janus agreed to be in Qpids... if your loveteam partner will be Carla Humphries, how can you say no?

Janus replied -- Actually, it's not sure yet that she'll be my partner, it all depends.

Carla on Homeboy

The Qpids Princesses were the guests at Homeboy today, in an episode entitled "Kapag tinamaan ka na ni Qpids".

During the first part of the show, host Boy Abunda asked the Qpids Princesses their opinions on a number of questions, including: "Is it okay for a girl to make the first move?" and "Which would you prefer in a relationship -- that you love the guy more, or that the guy loves you more?"

After a lively exchange of ideas, each of the Princesses were paired with two guys from the live audience. Each of the ladies asked the two men a question, and she had to choose one of them to be her "loveteam-for-the-day" based on their answers.

Once the eight loveteams were formed, each pair was requested to perform for the audience, and most kaka-kilig pair would be declared the winner. Carla and her partner performed a duet to the song "Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang?"