Sunday, May 25, 2008

Your Song: Without You

Carla appears in the final episode of this month's Your Song. The story is entitled Without You.

She plays Olive, the ex-girlfriend of John (Victor Basa), who unknown to him, gave birth to his son years ago after she left to go to the US. Unknown to Olive, John was falling in love with his neighbor Bob (Joross Gamboa).

This blogpost contains episode highlights for Olive.


Olive arrives at John's home with her son Jeremy, and introduces herself to Jen, who at first doesn't recognize her.

John comes home to the surprise of his life -- his ex-girlfriend Olive and their son, whom he'd known nothing about, were waiting for him in his living room.

His father and sister don't even try to hide their excitement about having a new addition to the family, as Olive nervously waits for John's reaction.

John learns that Olive hid the truth about his son upon her father's orders. Now that her father has passed away, she has decided to come home.

She confesses that she still loves him and asks him to forgive her. John pulls away from her and escapes having to respond to her declaration when he notices that Jeremy is missing.

They go out and see that Jeremy has found Bob, who is still outside John's house waiting in his car. Bob is stunned when John introduces him to Olive as his "neighbor" and says that Jeremy is his son, while Olive is his ex-girlfriend.

John cryptically tells Bob that they'll talk tomorrow, before walking Olive and Jeremy back into the house.

Olive later tells John that one of her aunts in Pampanga has agreed to take her and Jeremy in. She apologizes for having put him on the spot by coming back, and assures him that after she and Jeremy leave, she will not be bothering him again. She also tells him that she still loves him and kisses him on the cheek.

After agonizing over his choices, John decides to accept his responsibilities as a father. His family throws a party to celebrate his engagement to Olive. Bob is heartbroken and fantasizes about crashing the party and announcing to everyone that John is marrying him. Instead, he watches the festivities for a moment before leaving quietly.

That evening, Olive and John talk. John tells her he knows she went through a tough time when she was pregnant and said he should have been there for her. Olive replies that she shouldn't have left, then tries to kiss him, but John pulls away.

He tells her he doesn't want to love her again, but he feels that he has to. Although she is hurt, Olive tells him that she understands if he can't grow to love her again. She wipes her tears away and bids him goodnight.

In the show's epilogue, Bob philosophically narrates that happiness is a choice, and that people can choose to be happy with the choices that they've made.

John chose to stay with Olive and find happiness by fulfilling his responsibility as a parent and a spouse. Olive chose to be patient and wait for the day that John grows to love her again. For his part, Bob chose to be content with remaining John's friend, and becoming Jeremy's godfather.

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