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Carla's FHM Interview

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Interview | Photos | Profile Carla Humphries - January 2011 FHM Cover Girl
January 19, 2011

More photos available at the FHM Website

Welcome to FHM!
You know, this is my first sexy pictorial.

Thank you, we feel very honored.
Ever since I turned 18, tinatanong na ako kung puwede ba akong mag-men’s magazine. Eh, before talaga, and because I come from a conservative family, talagang hindi pumasok sa isip kong magagawa ko ito. I was so young, hindi ko pa kilala sarili ko, hindi pa ako ganun ka-confident. Kung sa beach nga, hindi ako masyadong rumarampa nang naka-bathing suit. It just never occurred to me.

So what finally made you change your mind?
Raymond [Gutierrez] asked me if I’d be willing to do a cover. Sabi ko, hindi ko kaya. Sabi niya, “Sure ka?” I said no. And then he called again, sabi niya, “I have a good team. Maganda yung concept, puwede mong pilian” and lahat ng kasali sa shoot, friends ko. Vince Uy is a very close friend, he’s the brother of Liz whom I’m very close to also. Solenn, is a very dear friend and she offered to do my makeup. The stylist Daryl Chang also works with Liz and Vince tapos Doc Marlon pa, so ang ganda ng team.

Wow, so we have Raymond to thank for all this.
Sabi niya, “Ano ka ba? Legal ka na rito at sa buong mundo!” Oo nga naman. And a real actress, hindi naman puwedeng habang buhay, iisa lang ang role na pino-portray. Nung lumipat ako sa TV5, first step yun. Since na-expose na ako sa change, I want to boost it up a bit more. I should give it my all.

Any regrets that you, maybe, want to compensate for with this shoot?
We all went to Macau for tita Anabelle’s birthday, Royal Era and her family, and decided we would all bungee jumping. I guess the regret is that after I made up my mind to conquer my fear, we didn’t get the chance, cause our schedule didn’t permit it. So when we got back and Raymond asked me again, I decided, the (FHM shot) would be my bungee jump.

I’m so happy. Everybody had a fun time, tapos bongga pa! Not only did we ride one helicopter, we rode two! And it was our first time, most of us! Ang saya kasi we experienced it all together. And I realized, para sa ibang tao,FHM is just sexy. But no. I think it’s celebrating your womanhood and it’s celebrating a woman taking power of her femininity and not being ashamed of her body or of who she is. Kumbaga, you’re stripped of any inhibitions and you’re just being yourself. It’s a beautiful thing, actually. It’s so exciting. I even held a flare, first time din yun!

A lot of firsts for you.
First time ko ring pumunta ng Zambales! Napakaganda pala ng Pilipinas. I think it’s great na puwedeng ipakita ng FHM hindi lang magagandang Filipina, kundi napakaganda ng Pilipinas.

Great to hear you had fun.
Nag-enjoy ako! Exciting siya. Kanina nung nasa harap ako ng camera, I felt empowered. I never thought I’d appear in a men’s magazine.

Why is that? You were rather very confident and you exuded such sexiness.
It could be very unexpected to some, and even to myself, but I guess I do have it in me and I am sexy! I think every woman has this sexiness in them, they just have to turn it on.


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Young Star: How To's of Hotness

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The how to's of hotness
By Adrian Carlo Velasco (The Philippine Star)
Updated January 14, 2011 12:00 AM

Photos by Roy Macam
Styled by Alyanna Martinez
Makeup and hair by Raymond Ko
Shot on location at Edsa Shangri-La Manila

January’s hottest: With her recent launch as FHM covergirl, TV5 star Carla Humphries reinvents herself as a versatile artist. Swimsuit by Charina Sarte.

MANILA, Philippines - Fortunately, we don’t need to be reminded about getting fit these days. There’s more motivation now when it comes to exercising and hitting the gym. Vanity has probably saved us, coupled with paranoia about diseases. But primarily, more people dream of having nice arms and chiseled abs. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

In fact, “hotness” brings in the good vibes and we’ve got TV5 star Carla Humphries and model newbie Deny Barros — Young Star’s “sickest” Body-of-the-Moment recipients — to prove it.

It can even fix a broken heart. “When I broke up with my (last) boyfriend, I started spending more time with my friends and realizing that taking care of yourself and looking your best and feeling your best is so important... And really getting fit helped so much,” Carla, who just came out with her first body-licious FHM cover this month, reveals.

The newly reinvented actress shows us how fitness evokes change.

Carla Humphries, 22, Actress

How to's for a hot body: I do cardio for 30 to 40 minutes, every other day. I do a little weights. And then when I feel like I've done so much weights, I do yoga to stretch it up. I'm not at the peak of my body but I'm getting there. It takes a long time to get to your goal. But you'll feel like you're in euphoria when you get to that point when you worked so hard for your body... I do this exercise, it's like plyo. It's a routine of several exercises. It's in a circle and you have to finish it in a span of 30 minutes so you do the circle three times. There's music and then it stops. Then, you shift to the next exercise. It's a mixture of cardio and muscle build up.

Problem areas: Like a lot of girls out there, I have trouble with my abdominal areas. It's the heardest and (takes) the longest (workout). Until now, it's not where I want it to be, like I want Jessica Alba's abs-kind-of-thing. But I'm getting there. The weird thing is when you do abs sometimes you still feel bloated. But after a week, that's when you see (the change).

Body heat and what you eat. It was hard for me to train because I love sweets. I eat my main course to get to the sweets. But then, I started getting fitter, I didn't crave as much for the food that I was craving for.

Rules of attraction. If you asked me this last year, I'd say you're asking the wrong person. But right now, I think I know. I just discovered that the best way to attract people in general is just being open to meeting new people and just talking about things that interest you and you're passionate about; being confident and smiling and laughing a lot. When a person sees that you're such fun to speak to, people will really be drawn to you.

No vain, no gain. My favorite vanity practice is being happy, spending time with friends, and just always smiling helps a lot. Do you know that when you put a good scent on, it changes your aura? So, whenI put coconut on, I feel beachy. And when I put KNY's Be Delicious! on I feel so fresh... My big thing is taking care of the skin. I try to put sunblock every day and moisturizer. And I love to get my nails done.

Break-up breakthrough. I've been single for over two years. I was going through a lot of changes in my life that I didn't really know how to deal with and my mind was all over the place. What I figured out is that when you jog, when you get fit and take care of yourself physically and internally, it clears out your mind. WHen you're so busy and stressed, you end up sluggish and just in bed because you're just mentally tired. When you make the steps to get out of bed and not fill your body with junkfood, you get a clearer mindset and more positive outlook in life. You just feel you can do anything.

Work of heart.When you learn how to love yourself and take care of yourself on your own, that's the time when it's easier for someone to find you and fall in love with you. Sometimes you have to realize what you want and what you want to do. If you're always thinking about being in a relationship, you forget what your goals are for yourself. I think it's very healthy for you to spend time with yourself.

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iCandy debut performance on Feb 12

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Carla is a good singer and she’s part of Royal Artists Management’s all girl group, I Candy, along with Bubbles Paraiso, Arci Munoz and Ehra and Michelle Madrigal, who’ll debut as performers in the “I Valentine U” concert of Ogie Alcasid and Pops Fernandez at Crowne Plaza Hotel on February 12.

For tickets, call Royal Artists Management at 727-2534, 727-2536.

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