Friday, March 14, 2008

Palos: Stella's Bienvenida (2008Mar14)

This blogpost summarizes episode highlights for Carla's character, Stella.

Stella arrives and looks around the living room, obviously happy to be home.

Alessandro announces his plan to kidnap the president when he reads about the First Daughter's party in the papers.

The President hosts a party for his daughter's homecoming.

When introduced to Fabio, Stella reveals that she knows about Neptune. Fabio introduces the rest of the agents to Stella.

Alessandro infiltrates the party by posing as Giancarlo. He is introduced by the President to Stella, who jokingly asks her father if good looks are a requirement for being a top agent.

"Giancarlo" asks to speak to the President privately. They go upstairs where they can talk uninterrupted.

Later, the agents realize that the Giancarlo they see at the party is an imposter when the real Giancarlo calls Enzo after being attacked by Alessandro's men while enroute to the party. Stella senses that something is wrong and starts searching for her father.

When her search on the ground floor yields nothing, Stella tries to go upstairs to continue her search. Enzo is forced to stop her because he knows that the President is upstairs with Alessandro. Enzo asks Stella to stay calm because things will be worse if people realize there's something wrong.


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