Friday, October 24, 2008

John James Uy admits dating Carla Humphries

REYMA BUAN-DEVEZA, | 10/23/2008 5:48 PM

Model-turned-actor John James Uy revealed his special bond with young actress Carla Humphries and added that they are now on ‘exclusively dating’ terms.

In an interview with, Uy shared that Humphries, who is now in Bangkok, Thailand is really special to him and a nice person to be with.

“It’s about ten months now since I first met her. It’s going well and going strong. We’d been dating for a while now but exclusive naman iyon,” he said.

Uy said that a proof that they really get along together, Humphries already shared her life and even her past affair with actor Janus del Prado.

“Iyong past niya dati sinasabi niya lahat ng ginawa nila o anong ginawa niya. It doesn’t affect me because I’m the one with her now,” he said.

Uy said that he’s happy that del Prado and Humphries are now friends.

“I’m okay with them being friends. They still talk naman,” he said.

Uy and del Prado now work together for ABS-CBN’s upcoming afternoon series “Pieta” with Cherie Gil and Ryan Agoncillo.

In the series, Uy will be playing the role of a rich guy who’s in love with Krista Ranillo, who is the girlfriend of Agoncillo. His character will turn bad and become Agoncillo’s rival.

“I’m really excited first series project ko ito so I’m gonna do my best,” he said.

Uy admitted that at first he was hesitant to do play a villain role but eventually he found it more challenging.

“I’m trying my best and I’m hoping for the best that this project will lead to more projects for me. I’m very thankful for this,” Uy ended.

The newbie star appealed to people to look at him as the new John James Uy: a more mature star and an actor.

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