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Chasing Carla Humphries

Carla is on the cover of the November 2008 issue of 24/7 Magazine
The cover article is entitled Chasing Carla Humphries

Cover Credits

  • Photography: Steve Tirona
  • Makeup: Yuki Geraldo of Make Up For Ever
  • Hair: Edgar Dominguez and Dennis Agaton of Hairworks Salon Greenbelt 5
  • Styling: Candy Reyes
  • All dresses: Tyler
  • Shoes: Stella Luna, Shutz, Lyn
  • Jewelry: Stylist's own
  • Special thanks to Erica Licad of Adora for the shoot venue and Mon Eugenio of Myron's for hosting the lunch
What a Girl Wants

Carla Humphries, the doe-eyed international model, and willowy ingénue of the local small and silver screen, may seem untouchable. The 20 year-old sets things straight with 24/7, and gets real about being a klutz, getting recognized on the street, shopping, and what she really wants for Christmas.

You keep on saying that you're a klutz, but it's hard to believe that, looking at you now.

When I was younger, in Paris , I broke my arm twice on roller skates. The third time was when I fell from a horse while modelling. When I was in school, I broke my left hand and my left knee. I fell down the stairs when I was in the swimming team. My teammate was brushing my wet hair while we were going down the stairs and she tugged too hard and I fell down.

Do you still get embarrassed whenever that happens?

Being accident-prone helps me be more kenkoy (goofy). When you fall down a lot, you don't get embarrassed anymore. You're used to it. Oftentimes in acting, you take on a character that oftentimes makes a fool of herself. It helps me that way.

You've been in a few soaps now, like ABS CBN's Bituing Walang Ningning and Abt Ur Luv , and the movie For the First Time with KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez, do you get recognized on the street now?

I don't expect it, but people actually know who I am. And whenever somebody does recognize me, it's flattering, but at the same time, I always hope that whenever my fans see me, I would not be doing anything embarrassing.

You seem like a girl who likes shopping. Is that true?

I like shopping, but I'm a one-time-big-time person because I'm also very kuripot (stingy) — but not with my parents' money (laughs). I like buying things for people and I don't mind spending a lot of my money on them. If it's for myself, I think about it a hundred times before buying it, but curiously I end up buying things that I don't get to use and losing out on purchases that I really like.


If you can have anything in the world, what would you put on your wish list?
  1. I want to be able to travel the world and learn about cultures. 
  2. I want to be a princess. 
  3. I want to learn how to speak all the languages so no matter which country I go to, I would be able to converse with the locals with ease. 
  4. I want to go to Hollywood, and win an award. 
  5. I want to act in a biographical movie of a famous person.
  6. I want to own a country. 
Top Picks
  • Restaurant: Zumi, Cyma, People's Palace. I also like to eat in different places. I'm the type of person you can take anywhere. 
  • Dish: I love sweets. I only eat the main course so I can get to the dessert. 
  • Drink: Thai Iced Tea, Mint Iced Tea in Cibo 
  • Getaway: the beach in Batangas, Italy 
  • Artist: Michael Bubblé, Maria Mena

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