Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Only You -- Agnes Week 1

This blogpost summarizes appearances by Carla's character, Agnes, for Only You episodes that aired from June 8 to 12, 2009.

June 8, Monday

Agnes bumps into Jonathan at a mall while shopping for shirts, and literally bumps into him again later outside the store.

To apologize for spilling his drink on her, Jonathan gives her the shirt he just bought. They introduce themselves and exchange phone numbers.

At home, Jonathan tells his father that he's realized he's been focused on one girl for so long that he forgot there were other women around. He says it feels good to be 'back in the game'

Jonathan arrives for his blind date with the sister of his friend Raymond and finds Agnes there, wearing the shirt he gave her. He realizes that she actually knew who he was all along, but decides to not let it bother him.

On their first date, Agnes talks Jonathan into going bowling instead of catching a movie. She doesn't hide the fact that she finds him cute, and starts calling him "Cutee"

At dinner, Agnes surprises Jonathan by asking about Jillian, and he realizes that Raymond must have told her. He says he'd rather not spoil the evening; Agnes agrees that it's better not to talk about the past.

At the end of the evening, Jonathan is back home and smiles for a moment when he receives a goodnight text message from Agnes: 'Goodnight cutee."

The next day, Jonathan receives a call from Agnes while he's visiting Jillian's son. They agree to meet earlier than planned; Jonathan gives Agnes the address so she can pick him up

Jillian is pleading with Jonathan to talk to her when Agnes arrives. Jonathan gets into the car without saying a word, and Jillian can only watch them go as Agnes drives away.

In the car, Agnes asks Jonathan repeatedly if he's okay. When it's obvious that he's upset, she pulls over and tries to comfort him with a kiss.

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