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Qpids: Episode 12.0

This is a summary of the Qpids Episode from Week 12.

CF's Note: This entry will only contain summaries related to Carla and Janus. Additional screenshots will be slightly delayed.


At the start of the episode, we see Carla singing at a wedding ceremony with Janus sitting beside her.

Then, the scene flashes back to Janus and Carla's encounter the day before the wedding. Carla is sitting outside a music studio with a fellow student. She asks the other student who she has for a teacher, and the girl replies that she is with Mr. Vinuya. Carla responds that she has Mr. del Prado, and she heard that he was the best teacher there.

The other student agrees, but mentions that Mr. del Prado has a mean personality. Carla replies that she doesn't care, as long as he can make her voice sound beautiful, so that she can prove her father wrong.

She clutches a piece of paper and the student asks her what it is, and Carla replies that it's her favorite song. Just then, Mr. del Prado appears at a doorway, wearing sunglasses, and he yells at a departing student that she should be practicing more because she's supposed to be singing for a wedding, not a wake! He then yells for his next student, Miss Carla Loren. Carla gets up and bids her fellow student goodbye as she goes in for her lesson. Another teacher comes out just then with a guitar for the other student.

Carla enters Mr. del Prado's studio, and remarks that it is an honor to be working with him. She introduces herself to him, and asks if she can shake his hand, and extends her own hand out to him. He pauses, then replies that he would shake her hand, except he doesn't know where it is. Yes, I'm blind, he says, as Carla belatedly realizes her mistake. He tells her to save the drama for an episode of 'Maalala Mo Kaya'. They're not here for drama, but to make music.

He says since it's their first meeting, he wants to hear her voice, so he directs her to sing any song. Carla nervously walks to one side of the room, and pulls out the piece of paper that she was holding. She quickly unfolds it and walks back to his side of the room and begins to sing, "When You Find Your Voice." At first she is a bit nervous, but after some time, she gains confidence and starts singing beautifully.

After a few lines, Mr. del Prado slaps the table and Carla suddenly stops. She nervously apologizes and asks if she sounded bad, just as he gets up from his chair. She asks him what's wrong and he tells Carla that he's not feeling well, and that she should come back later. Carla replies that she'll come back after lunch, and worriedly leaves the studio.

After she leaves, Janus uses his walking stick to find his way around the room, then sits on a chair. He takes off his sunglasses, and we see tears rolling down his face.

Later that day, Carla is eating lunch with a fellow student when Mr. del Prado walks up from behind, calling her name. She gets up too quickly, and accidentally bumps into him, spilling her food on his shirt. She nervously tries to wipe the food off, and he stops her by grabbing hold of her wrist. He tells her that it's okay; he'll just change his shirt.

He scolds her for being clumsy because all he wanted to say was she can go inside the studio after lunch. There is a pause as they both realize that he's still holding her wrist, and he quickly releases his hold when she pulls her hand away.

Carla heads into the studio as he goes to change his clothes. Sitting by herself, Carla begins to sing "When You Find Your Voice" again, but she has difficulty with a particularly high note and gets frustrated. She yells at herself, saying that her voice is worth nothing and that her father was right all along.

Just then, Mr. del Prado walks in, and says to her that her father must be deaf. She apologizes, and he asks her why she stopped singing, because she has a beautiful voice. She apologizes again, and he asks her why she's always apologizing.

After a little hesitation, she replies that when he yells at her it reminds her of her father. He is always berating her for wanting to pursue music when he thinks she should be studying law or medicine like her siblings. And so, she is always apologizing.

Mr. del Prado tells her that she shouldn't apologize for what she wants; how can she make her dad believe that she was meant to do this if she can't have faith in her own abilities.

He then asks her why she chose to sing, "When You Find Your Voice." She replies that it's because it's a song about finding her strength, her strength to tell her dad that singing is what she really wants. Mr. del Prado slowly reveals that his former girlfriend, Abby, had composed that song and dedicated it to him because he was always afraid to face his problems.

Carla responds that Abby must be really proud that her song is now so popular. He replies that she would have been, except that she could never know, because she's dead. His tears begin to fall as he reveals that he had lost his sight in the car accident that claimed Abby's life.

Ever since the accident, he has been angry at the world. Carla responds that he shouldn't be like that, and that Abby would have wanted him to be happy. He further reveals that he and Abby had been planning to get married this year. Carla reaches out and takes his hand as he continues to cry.


The episode ends with scenes from next week's episode, where we will learn how JaRla's love story will end.

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