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Qpids: Episode 15.0

The Week 15 episode of Qpids is entitled, "Bunong Braso," and is the continuation of last week's Qpids drama-serye.

CF's Note: Episode summary text courtesy of Angelica. Thank you!! Also, this entry only contains scenes related to Carla and Janus.


Mikel opens with the voiceover: "Sa buhay, kung sino ang mahusay siya ay tinitingala, at kung sino ang naduduwag, siya ay minamaliit. Hindi ko alam kung anong kape ang na-inom ni Paw noon at naisipin niya hamunin ako, pero hindi ka dapat matakot sa mga hamon na dumating. [audio is a bit fuzzy. will try to catch it again next time]"

The scene shifts to the present, to the interior of the Coffee King shop. Mikel is handing out flyers to Alwyn and Janus advertising the opening of the brand new "Coffee King." He asks them to hand out the flyers for the store's opening tomorrow. As Janus and Alwyn sit down to look at the flyers, Paw storms into Mikel's store and yells at him for having no shame in inviting her to the opening of his shop. Mikel asks what's the problem, and Paw responds that inviting her is equivalent to insulting her.

She then hands Janus and Alwyn the flyers for her coffeeshop, "Barako ni Manang." Alwyn reads the flyer out loud, and it reveals that Paw's coffee shop is offering a 10% discount. Mikel looks at the flyer and makes fun of Paw's drawing in the flyer.

He then challenges Paw's 10% discount by stepping it up with a 15% discount for his own coffee. Paw grabs her flyer and writes it up to a 20% discount. Janus scolds them both for acting like kids and tells them that they might end up going bankrupt if they keep doing this... they might as well give the coffee away for free! He tells them that he wants them both to make some money.

Mikel replies that he has better things to do. Annoyed, Paw walks out of the coffeeshop and Janus follows her out, and Mikel mocks Paw again behind her back and goes to the back room of his own coffeeshop.


That night, Carla stands in front of the brand new Coffee King and cuts the ribbon to officially open the store. Everyone claps, and at Mikel's invitation, they enter the shop.

Janus compliments Carla on her speech, and she says cutting a ribbon isn't all that complicated. When Carla introduces her friend Marc from Manila to them, Jill immediately becomes interested when she hears his name and notices the curly hair and dark skin. Alwyn then introduces Jill to Carla and Marc.

Janus joins Carla while she is at a table doing some paperwork. He asks her why she's doing work now, and Carla responds that she has an event tomorrow to attend to -- "Bulilit Day," an outreach day for children. She says that she's so fond of children because she herself is an only child, then asks Janus whether he likes children. Janus without thinking says that yes, he would like to have a child with her -- to which Carla's eyes open wide with surprise. He corrects himself and says that he meant to say he likes children too.

She tells him that Marc is coming along tomorrow, and invites Janus to come too -- the more the merrier! Janus happily accepts and says that she's strong -- err, "malakas" with him.

Just then, Mikel joins them at the table and says that running the shop is so tiring. Carla takes his hand and reassures him that he can do it, and Janus uneasily looks at their joined hands, feeling jealous.


The next day, Janus, Alwyn, Jill, Carla, and Marc are at the "Bulilit Day 2005." They hand out toys to the children and Janus joins the children crowding around Carla, reaching for the toys that she is handing out. At one point, he is almost swooning as he gets to hold her hand. hehe.

Later in the event, Carla reads a story to the children and Janus stares at her, mesmerized, but then when Carla notices, he just smiles and shrugs it off.

We also see Carla having her picture taken with all of the kids there and she also has a photo with Janus. She then gets the camera to take a picture of Janus and Marc together, and Janus tries to move away while Marc puts his arm around him. LOL.


The scene shifts to later that day, in front of Coffee King. Paw is about to come to blows with Mikel, but her aunts are holding her back.

Janus, Alwyn, Carla, and Marc come out, and Janus switches to his gay mode in front of Paw's aunts. He asks what is going on, and Mikel coolly replies that Paw came to the front of his shop so all his customers could watch her. Paw bursts out again and her aunts hold her back, and Mikel tells her that he has better things to do than fight with her. He invites everyone to the Acoustics Night at his shop at 8 PM.

Paw evens the score by announcing that there will be a special event at their coffeeshop too -- and her aunts declare that they will have a special comedy show with Janus as the host. Janus is taken by surprise, but goes along with the idea.

On the spur of the moment, Mikel then replies that Alwyn will be the singer at his Acoustics Night, and Alwyn is surprised also. Mikel then advises Alwyn to drink Salabat to make his voice sound better. He then wishes Paw and her aunts good luck, and walks back into the shop.

Paw then begs Janus to do the show for her, and Janus replies in a gay manner that he can't do it alone. Suddenly, a bug lands on Marc and he squeals like a little girl, much to everyone's surprise. Janus looks at Marc with new eyes, and informs Paw that he knows exactly who his partner should be for the night.


Later that evening, Paw and Janus are together in her coffee shop, preparing for their comedy show. Janus is dressed up in drag with heavy eye make-up.

Paw thanks Janus for helping out as she fixes his drag-queen wig. Janus prays that people won't throw tomatoes at him during the show, and that hopefully something will happen so that Carla won't show up --- and Carla walks in just as he is saying her name.

Carla excitedly hugs Paw and compliments Janus on his drag-queen beauty. She presents him with flowers as a thank-you gesture since he accompanied her yesterday at the Bulilit Day. She tells him that she's excited to see them perform, and a very embarrassed Janus calls out to Marc to ask him if he's ready. Marc opens the door and they all scream in shock. Janus manages to shout, "Perfection!" in a gay manner with a smile.

Outside, a crowd has gathered in front of the makeshift stage. Hazel and Jill join Paw, Carla, and TJ at the show, and TJ mentions to Paw that he really needs to leave. Paw asks him, why now, especially during the show? Just then, Paw's aunt gets up on the stage to introduce Janus and Marc.

TJ promises Paw he'll make it up to her and gets up to leave, just as Paw's aunt introduces "Janice" and "Marcuva." Janus and Marc come out in their flashy drag-queen glory, and begins their comedy show with gay humor. Hazel quietly asks Jill if Marc is turning out to be gay, and Jill looks at her puzzled.

Janus turns the stage over to Marc, and Marc attempts to make fun of a chubby man in the audience. He brings the man up on stage and the man punches Marc in the face. Carla's bodyguards get up and pull out their guns while they push the man away. Paw's aunts and Janus get up to help Marc, and the audience runs away in the ensuing melee.

Marc leans on Janus and thanks him for being his hero, and Paw's aunts come out with and ice-pack for Marc's bruises and take him to the hospital. Paw apologizes to everyone saying she just wasted their time. She suggests that they all go and attend Mikel's Acoustic Night instead. Janus tells her that they can't just leave her here after everything that happened, but Paw tells him to go because she wants to be alone.

Hazel and Jill bid everyone farewell and go on their way, and then Carla leaves with her bodyguards. Janus gets up but hesitates to leave, saying he'll stay and help her clean up, but he eventually leaves when Paw urges him to go.


At Coffee King, Carla and Janus enter together to find Alwyn up on stage playing the guitar and singing "Crazy for You".

At one point, both Janus and Carla are swaying to the music and they accidentally bump heads. LOL.

Later that evening, Janus is standing alone at the top of the stairs, practicing what he will say to Carla to reveal to her that he's not gay. Carla surprises him from behind and asks him who he's talking to and he replies "Carlo," some random customer.

She tells him that her ride is there, and asks if he wants to go with her home, but Janus declines and instead offers to just walk her to her car because he is going to stop by Paw's coffeeshop.

Janus mentions how good Alwyn was at singing and that it's good that Mikel's coffeeshop is doing well even though there was trouble at Paw's coffeeshop. Janus is about to say something more, but Carla begins to comment on how great Mikel is at business and mentions his many talents, including the fact that he's cute. She then tells Janus not to tell Mikel she said so or else his ego might get too big.

She then asks Janus what he was about to say, but Janus, feeling defeated and jealous, says it's nothing -- and that her car was already waiting outside. Carla mentions that it's a shame that Marc is returning to Manila so soon, because she thought that he and Janus would have made a good couple. Carla hurries off and bids Janus goodbye, and Janus looks hurt and doesn't respond.

As the episode ends, Mikel says in a voice over:
"Tulad ng Bunong Braso, may mga laban talaga na kailan mong harapin mag-isa... pero minsan, nakakakuha ka ng lakas mula sa mga tao na nasa paligid mo..."

We see Carla leaving the Coffee King, just as Janus chases after her to reveal his feelings. But he is too late, and dejected, he stops and sits on the stairs. Before long, Alwyn and Mhyco join him on the steps to offer their support.

Mikel: " sa mga pagkakataon na hindi mo inaasahan, mismo kalaban mo ay nagbibigay sayo ng lakas, para sa mga susunod ng laban."

Mhyco, Janus, and Alwyn enter the Coffee King to find Paw and Mikel together.

Mhyco gives Paw a hug and wipes away a tear, and Alwyn and Janus ask her and Mikel if they are okay now. They nod, and Janus says for everyone to give a group hug. Paw replies "beste ven" and Janus and Alwyn think she say "Steven" and ask who is "Steven." They laugh and begin to sing their childhood taunt about Paula, and everyone smiles.

They play around and give each other another group hug, as the episode ends.

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