Sunday, February 12, 2006

Carla in the Pilot Episode of "Your Song"

Carla appears in the pilot episode of Your Song: Ang Soundtrack ng Lovelife Mo.

The episode stars Anne Curtis (as Ana), Luis Manzano (as Justin), AJ Dee (as Paolo), and Carla Humphries Loren (as Erica).


Below are random screenshots from this episode. Click on any of the thumbnails to view the larger image.


Below are video clips of Carla's scenes from the episode.

Erica and Paolo are together at the park, when Ana and Justin arrive and a confrontation ensues.

Ana and Justin follow Erica and Paolo to their home and watch as Erica and Paolo argue.

Erica finally tells Ana the truth about Paolo and their relationship.

Despite her misgivings, Erica brings Ana home to see Paolo, knowing he really needs Ana.

Erica stands as witness for Paolo and Ana in a bittersweet exchange of vows.


You can also watch the entire Your Song episode on YouTube.

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