Tuesday, February 07, 2006

JaRla in Pink Mag's "Reel to Real"

Carla and Janus are featured in an article in Pink Magazine's February 2006 issue, entitled "From Reel to Real".

They were dubbed the most unlikely couple on Qpids, but that didn't bother Janus del Prado and Carla Loren. In fact, it was their differences that brought them together, "The Beauty and The Kengkoy."

Carla said it was a business partnership at first for them to win the grand prize on Qpids, but surprisingly they got along really well. "I was aloof at first. I thought he was maangas. A real bad boy." Janus says the same thing about Carla, "I thought she was the typical mestiza type."

But evidently first impressions didn't last between the two. "Janus is a really responsible person. He loves his family and he is very sweet." Carla says, retracting her former opinion of "Labsteam" Janus. "She's very down to earth. A nice person, hindi plastic. Beautiful inside and out." Janus now says of his "sweetness" Carla.

Janus likes to sing to Carla and it makes her super kilig when he does that. The first time when Janus sang to her was during a Qpids bonfire on the beach. He sang an original composition of his, inspired by Carla. He, then, did another sweet thing when he dedicated the song "Home" from the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and slow danced even if there was no music playing.

Their recent kilig moment together was when Janus surprised Carla during their loveteam promo tour in Batangas. He suddenly sang "Is It Okay If I Call You Mine?" in front of a hundred people. Carla has her own sweet deeds for Janus too, like the time she gave hima surprise birthday party for his "debut." "Masaya because everyone special to him was there. I was happy to see him happy."

No big fights for these two but Janus and Carla have major tampuhans too, especially when they miss each other. Would their being masa and sosyal ever be an issue between them? "No it won't be. What's important is that we get along. As long as there is that special connection it will not be a problem." Carla says. Janus agrees. "I think that is the novelty of our partnership. It's not boring. Our possibilities are endless!"


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