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Take a Peek inside Carla's Closet

CF's Note: Endless thanks to Ate Sue for scanning and posting these on Carla's thread at PEx! Mwah-Mwah!

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Star Studio Magazine
October 2006 issue. US/Canada Edition

NEAT NOOK. Carla Humphries' room
is a simple yet tasteful piece of living space.

By Manila P. Santos. Photos by Milo Sogueco. Interior Styling
by James Razo. Hair and Make-up by Ryan Ko of Profiles Salon

At 18 and already working, Fil-French Carla Humphries can easily rent a pad of her own, but she's chosen to continue staying at her family's penthouse suite in the middle of bustling Ortigas. "It's very convenient. Everything I need is just nearby. One of my best friends go to the school right in front of our building so I just holler whenever I want to meet up," she says.

Closet Case. True to her personality, everything in Carla's closet is in its proper place. "I'm not a messy person. I don't make a lot of kalat," she says with a laugh. Carla uses her favorite ruffled bag from The Gap.

Carla also can't bear to leave her bedroom behind, not when she's put so much love and work into it.

"I chose the design. My walls were so pink, so I decided to tone it down with neutral colors. Then for certain pieces, I asked for advice from my friend, Abby Domingo, who's my kabarkada [buddy] with Ate Angelika (dela Cruz)," she explains.

Both her parents are very much into arts and culture so it's no surprise Carla has dabbled into a little bit of everything, from playing the violin to painting. She has been painting since she was eight years old, and has reserved a nook in her room just for her easel. "I have always loved drawing and was always best in drawing in school. After that, I did after-class painting workshops. I love painting abstracts and landscapes. My works would either reflect me, or they're sceneries. But I don't consider myself a professional."

Left: Portrait of an Artist. Carla loves painting whenever the mood strikes her. She made her first painting when she was just 8 years old.

Right: My mom gave me the lavender lamp, while the dresser is from both my parents. The photo frame and card is from my best friend Pauleen Luna. It was her birthday gift to me this year."

A look at Carla's closet is every obsessive compulsive's dream; everything is organized from the flip-flops down to the cosmetic cases. (Same story when SSM peeked into her bathroom.) When it comes to her wardrobe, Carla's sweet and simple personality definitely shows. "I'm not really kikay (frivolous in a fun way). On an ordinary day, I'll just wear a t-shirt and jeans. I don't like wearing accessories. Usually I only go out wearing this pink ruby ring that was a gift from my mom. It's my lucky stone. I've never taken it off since."

Shades. I get most of these from Folded & Hung and People are People. Madali ko silang mawala or masira kaya I don't really need to buy the expensive ones. But my favorite pair are these green ones I got in Rockwell for around P3,500 ($70).

Undoubtedly, though, a big influence on Carla's style is classic icon Audrey Hepburn. Carla has books, posters, bags, and clothes that channel her persona. In fact, Carla's recent debut theme was inspired by old Hollywood glam. "I really love Audrey Hepburn and her fashion sense. I find her beauty classic. And it's not just because sa kanya ako pinaglihi ha."

Left: Classic Beauty. Carla's admiration for Audrey Hepburn
is evident in her very girly and neat room.

Right: Books. "I love Audrey Hepburn's style so I have
so many books about her. At the moment, I'm reading mostly
entrepreneurial books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad."


Left to right: Nichido - this shimmer is very affordable.

Ponds Perfect Result -- I bought this while doing
a commercial in Bangkok. It's a moisturizer you put on
before makeup to protect your skin from the sun.

The Face Shop
- I bought this from my Korean classmate, and it's an effective foundation. I love the consistency and the color. I'm fair-skinned kasi and most of the products from Korea are for fair skin.

Covermark - I also got it in Bangkok but it's a US brand. This was the same brand they used while I was doing a shampoo commercial there. I bought an entire set. It came in a leopard case.

L'Oreal True Match - it's available here but I got this in the States. It blends into the color of your skin; it's very easy to apply.

Evian - I like spraying this on my face
to keep it feeling fresh and not dry.

Accessories, Shoes, and Bags


Jewelry Set. My Lola gave this set to me.
I wear it mostly during evening events.

Earrings. I bought these pairs at People are People.
I believe you can find nice accessories anywhere -- you
just really need to look for the best.


Havaianas. These are my favorite pair of flip-flops. I like black and white because I can wear them with anything.

Gold Shoes. I got them in Bangkok. I wandered into a tiangge.
I got it for P3000 ($60).

(clockwise, from top left).

Lacoste. Amy Austria, who plays my mom on the soap opera, Bituing Walang Ningning gave it to me for my birthday. She's so sweet. I have a lot of bags in my closet but they're all gifts.

Audrey Hepburn Bag. A Christmas gift from my mom two years ago.

Cosmetics Kit. This was a pasalubong of my best friend Marclen from the States. She knew I'd like it kasi it has a vintage comics design.

Unbranded. I got this because it reminds me of Bob Marley. I bought it in Bangkok. I like using it for gimmicks.

Marithe et Francois. This was a gift from one of my titas. They like giving me girly stuff.

Folded & Hung. One of the clutch bags in my closet. I use it when I wanna wear casual and then look a little bit dressier.

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