Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 21.2

Lavinia is backstage preparing for the concert when she gets an unexpected visit from Barbara and Rita. They wish her luck with the concert. She thanks them and urges them to leave and join Adora, lest they be left behind by their seatmates.

Barbara reveals that they don't intend to sit in Dorina's reserved seats because they will be sitting in the seats that Lavinia has reserved for them. Rita says they're there to support Lavinia.

Lavinia is touched. Just before leaving the dressing room, Barbara stops and kisses Lavinia on the cheek, then tells her daughter how proud she is of her.

After Barbara and Rita leave the room, Lavinia sobs, overwhelmed to finally receive the approval she has desperately craved from her mother all these years.


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