Sunday, May 13, 2007

Carla on ASAP

Carla was on today's episode of ASAP '07 together with the cast of Abt Ur Luv.

She and John Wayne Sace also appeared in a later segment because they are May birthday celebrants.

Carla thanked her mentors at Star Magic as well as her sponsors, which include Particles, Maldita, Belo Medical Center, Gold's Gym, Ktext, and Chikka (sorry, didn't catch all of them).

Before blowing out the candles on her cake, she also thanked the viewers of Abt Ur Luv, saying that it's thanks to their support that the show will have a third season.

* * *

Also available on YouTube is a video of the Abt Ur Luv cast in this Sunday's Full Circle performance, thanks to chicknegg.

Carla is wearing a yellow top in this dance number.

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