Sunday, May 27, 2007

Cashing on experience

The Daily Tribune
Life Section
May 27, 2007

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With the summer days quickly passing by, it won’t be too long before the school year comes rolling back in! But it need not be a gloomy reminder of the usual school routine as illustrated by up and coming celebrity (and full-time student) Carla Humphries.

Eighteen-year old ABS-CBN talent Carla Humphries didn’t have to wait to graduate from the Center for International Education, where she studies Entrepreneurship. With the help of her father, an entrepreneur himself, Carla now has her own brokerage account and is taking advantage of her course to further her business skills. In spite of Carla’s showbiz demands, school remains a top priority.

Like Carla, young people need not compromise their interests outside school—whether it’s a part-time job, a small business or a hobby—for as long as they know their priorities. “Know your priorities by weighing things,” says Carla, who often turns to her parents for advice. “And listen to your parents because they can help you figure out your problems.”

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