Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Carla reveals her sexy side

By Aprylle Liabres (Contributor)

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Khaleej Times Online
5 February 2008

AT A recent Press conference for the women of Palos, the action-adventure series topbilled by Cesar Montano and Jake Cuenca, it was young actress Carla Humphries who gave everyone present something to talk about.

That night, she walked into the 9501 Executive Lounge wearing an outfit that one reporter described as very old-fashioned, in the sense that it almost looked like something a spinster would wear. In that outfit, she looked drab compared to the other women of Palos, including Regine Angeles, who plays Paola; Roxanne Guinoo, who plays Anna; and Valerie "Bangs" Garcia, who plays Sylvia.

The same reporter advised Carla to be a little bit more daring and experimental in her image, starting with her wardrobe.

As it turned out, the young actress took the reporter's advice and showed up at the next Press conference for Palos wearing a slinky dress and spike-heeled shoes. "Now that's more like it," enthused the same reporter who gave her "old-fashioned" outfit a thumbs-down only a few days before.

"I finally realised that it's time for me to be more adventurous," she says of the sudden change in her clothing choices. "How can I consider myself an actress if I have so many restrictions?"

It wasn't just that reporter's comment on her outfit the night of the press conference for the women of Palos that spurred her to make such changes. According to Carla, it was her family - namely her mother - who encouraged her to try new things if she wanted to go further in showbiz.

"My family is quite conservative, but we talked about it already and they gave me their blessing," Carla says happily.

"If you look at the actors and actresses we have today, they're not all that conservative anymore, either," she continues. "Take Bea Alonzo and Shaina Magdayao, for example. Bea is in Maging Sino Ka Man while Shaina is in Lobo. They're doing more mature roles now because they're growing, they're evolving - and I want to do the same."

In Palos, Carla will play the role of Stella, a childhood friend of secret agent Giancarlo, played by Jake Cuenca.

Carla revealed that she turned down another project in favour of Palos. "I was asked to play a villainess on Anna Liza" - an upcoming ABS-CBN soap opera with Maja Salvador in the title role - "but I turned it down because I felt that Palos was the better offer. I accepted the role of Stella because I knew it would be good for my career. It might even make people sit up and notice me - I mean really notice me," she says.

She promises that viewers will see a different side of her once the show airs. "During the entire time I was paired with love team partners, I never filmed a kissing scene," she says. "We always found a way around such scenes. I'm not sure if I'll get to film my first-ever kissing scene in this show, but with the way things are going, it's possible."

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