Sunday, February 10, 2008

Love Spell: Credit Card

This week's episode of Love Spell is entitled "Credit Card" and features Nikki Gil as Aileen, a compulsive shopaholic who makes the mistake of using a credit card that bills her purchases by taking from her the things that really matter: friendship, love, self-worth, and finally, her sanity.

Carla plays Jinky, Aileen's best friend. Also in this episode are Joem Bascom (who plays Obet, Aileen's boyfriend) and Gabe Mercado (as the man who offered Aileen the cursed credit card).


This blog entry summarizes Carla's scenes.

After Aileen gets her new credit card, she goes off on an uncontrolled shopping spree.

Jinky watches her with grave concern, and tries to get Aileen to slow down, but Aileen is too caught up in her shopping to listen to her friend.

Aileen is still excited by her many purchases, when Jinky stops her and slips a friendship bracelet onto Aileen's wrist. Aileen is excited by the bracelet, then notices that it has a tag that reads: "It's my birthday party. Feb 10, 2008. At my place... Jinky." Jinky reminds Aileen to arrive on time.

On Jinky's birthday, the party is in full swing when Aileen's boyfriend, Obet, arrives and learns that Aileen isn't there yet.

Jinky watches as Obet calls Aileen, who is still shopping at the mall. But Aileen lies and says she's working late and will get to the party as soon as she's done with work.

The party is over by the time Aileen arrives with more than a dozen shopping bags. Jinky is upset and the two friends argue. Aileen becomes angry and defensive when her own boyfriend sides with Jinky. Aileen storms out of the house, but turns at the last minute to see her boyfriend comforting her best friend.

Back home, Aileen starts unwrapping her purchases and begins to feel better. She doesn't notice when the man who offered her the credit card appears behind her, next to a framed photo of Aileen, Obet, and Jinky. He waves his hand over the friendship bracelet that Jinky gave Aileen. As the bracelet disappears from the table, Jinky too disappears from the framed photo.

Much later, Obet breaks up with Aileen when it becomes obvious that she cares more about her credit card than she does about him.

Aileen's first credit card bill finally arrives, and she is horrified as she learns the truth behind her magical credit card. Unable to accept what the credit card statement says, she runs to Obet to ask for his help, only to find Jinky there with him.

Aileen is outraged and demands to know if this is why they've both been staying away from her, but Obet tells Aileen that she was the one who drove them both away.

Aileen storms out of the room, leaving Jinky and Obet to comfort each other.

Aileen returns home and cries hysterically as she reads the credit card bill again. It says that all of her purchases have been paid for by the things that really matter in life: friendship, love, self-worth, and her sanity.

Meanwhile at the mall, another unsuspecting victim is applying for her own credit card...


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