Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Palos: Escape (2008Apr16)

This blogpost summarizes episode highlights for Carla's character, Stella.


After overpowering the guards, Giancarlo orders Enzo to take Giuseppe to the hospital and keep Lola and Stella safe, while he stays to recover the microchip from Alessandro.

An armed guard tries to stop them on their way out. Stella disarms him, then uses his gun to shoot the guards they encounter on their way out.

When Enzo expresses surprise at her skills, she explains that her father made sure she learned self-defense.

They fight their way through the compound, with Stella clearing the way.

When they get outside Alessandro's hideout, Stella, Lola, Giuseppe, and Enzo flag down a cab -- just as Giancarlo runs up to them with the microchip.

He hands the chip to Lola with instructions that she only give it to Fabio.

Enzo decides to stay with Giancarlo, and the two provide cover for the cab as it drives away.

At the hospital, Stella and a surgical team wheel Giuseppe into surgery.

By then the President had also arrived at the hospital to see his daughter and learns that she's in the operating room. She comes out with the good news -- that although Giuseppe lost a lot of blood, he will recover.

Stella also tells the President that Giancarlo wasn't helping Alessandro. Lola tries then to give the microchip to Fabio, but the President sees the chip and decides it's better if the microchip stays with him.

Just then, Alessandro calls Fabio and demands the microchip in exchange for Giancarlo's life. Fabio tries to explain to the President that he needs the microchip, but the President refuses to risk things by giving the microchip to Fabio. Fabio can't do anything as the President leaves.

Later, as Stella checks on Giuseppe in his hospital room, Lola expresses her worry over Giancarlo's safety. Stella tries to comfort her by reminding her that Fabio will do everything he can to keep Giancarlo safe.

Lola asks her if the President will be willing to lend Fabio the microchip. With regret, Stella tells Lola that the President won't risk it.

Back at the palace, President lifts the shoot-to-kill order on Giancarlo at Stella's urging, but he refuses to risk losing the microchip just to save Giancarlo. He tells Stella that he must choose what is best for the most people.

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