Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Palos: The Password (2008Apr15)

This blogpost summarizes episode highlights for Carla's character, Stella.


Giancarlo and Stella awaken and find themselves tied down to chairs. Stella is annoyed at him for getting them into this predicament, while Giancarlo wants to know where his grandmother is. Just then, Sylvia and Luciano walk in, much to Giancarlo's disgust.

Later, Alessandro brings all his prisoners into one room, and threatens to kill them one by one unless Giancarlo gives him the password to the microchip.

As the others look on, Giancarlo endures several rounds of beatings as he still refuses to reveal the password.

Fed up, Alessandro orders Sylvia to demonstrate her loyalty by shooting Giancarlo. Sylvia at first points the gun at Giancarlo, but shoots Giuseppe instead.

When Alessandro orders Sylvia to kill Lola next, Giancarlo caves and reveals the password.

Alessandro leaves the room to try the password. Stella and Lola check on Giuseppe, who is still alive, but losing a lot of blood. Enzo and Giancarlo realize that Sylvia had spared Giuseppe's life.

While Enzo and Giancarlo use one of Lola's hairpins to unlock their handcuffs, Stella tries to slow down the bleeding and keep Giuseppe comfortable.

The password works, and Alessandro uses the microchip to wreak havoc on the country's systems, to blackmail the President into giving him $10 billion.

Giancarlo and Enzo finally succeed in unlocking their handcuffs, just in time to overpower guards who were entering their room.

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