Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Together

Carla Humphries, John James Uy, Erich Gonzales, and Melissa Ricks were the guest celebrities in today's episode of Boy & Kris.

The episode is entitled "Happy Together."

Looks like they shot this episode on Carla's birthday, because Kris greeted her. When Kris asked John what his gift for Carla was, Carla covered her ears and closed her eyes while John tried to explain what the gift was.

Kris also prompted John to give Carla his birthday message.

Boy and Kris also tried to get the couple to talk about the status of their relationship. Carla said they're not officially together... yet.

Kris mentioned that John referred to Carla as his 'special someone' when they were taping an episode of Wheel of Fortune recently. They showed some scenes from that episode...

John says they're currently exclusively dating right now. John said he's grateful that Carla is taking the time to get to know him.

While John explained what it was about Carla that he appreciated, they showed these photos of her:

Kris asked the couple who pays when they're dining out. Carla says she offers to pay, and John says he only lets her pay once in a blue moon. Carla also says that while John sometimes takes her out on fancy dinners, she's happier when they're just laid back and relaxing.

Boy asked them if they hold hands, and Kris asked them to demonstrate.

Finally, they were each asked to complete the sentence: "I'm happy when we're together because..."

Carla said: "... you make it a point to treat me like a princess. You treat the way I feel I should be treated. You care for the people I care for most."

John said: "I'm happy because... maybe I came to the Philippines to meet Carla."


Anonymous said...

have anyone the video of this episode
i cant find it in youtube
just mail me

Angela said...
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Anonymous said...

where is the video? will someone please post the link. thanks!