Friday, January 20, 2006

Carla in Vietnam Rose

Carla portrays a young Editha dela Cerna in a flashback sequence on today's episode of Vietnam Rose.


In the flashback scene, young Editha (Carla) is leaving the stage at a Bb. Pilipinas press conference when Augusto approaches her. She tries to hide her worry as she looks around the room to see if anyone has noticed them talking. She urgently asks him to go home and promises that they'll talk at a later time.

While Editha and Augusto are talking, an officer approaches her and asks who she is talking to. She smiles nervously and lies to the officer, saying that Augusto is a fan who is asking for a photo and an autograph. She then turns to Augusto and apologizes because she doesn't have a photo available.

Before Augusto can say anything, the officer reminds her that her parents are in the car waiting outside. She takes his arm and they leave the room. Augusto can only watch them go.

The Video

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Random Screenshots

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