Thursday, September 28, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 20.4

Rita visits Lavinia at the hospital and tries to express her concern for her sister.

But Lavinia rejects Rita's concern and says there's no reason for them to feel worry for her, especially since they've already parted ways. She says she doesn't need their pity or sympathy. She doesn't need them.


When Rita returns home, Barbara anxiously asks about Lavinia. Rita tells Barbara that Lavinia claims to be fine, that Larry did not hurt her.

When Rita cannot conceal her concern for Lavinia, Barbara demands to know the truth. Rita cries and says that although Lavinia denies it, she can see how lonely and how desperately Lavinia needs them right now.

Rita rushes to Barbara's side and says Lavinia has no more allies and she feels abandoned. Rita says that Lavinia will never admit it, but she needs them.

Barbara is concerned and heartbroken at the thought of Lavinia's plight.


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