Friday, July 11, 2008

LnB: Relationship Advice

This blogpost contains episode highlights for Carla's character, Precious, in Ligaw na Bulaklak.

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Week 07, Friday, Day 035

Francis is unhappy to find Billy with Lea at the boarding house and the two men exchange words. But cooler heads prevail and Billy leaves. Francis asks Lea to go back to the resort with him, but she chooses to stay at the boarding house to teach him a lesson.

Just then, Rita, Precious, and Misty rush out the boarding house, having heard from Chuckie that Billy was outside and possibly about to get into a fight with Francis. When Francis hears them talking about Billy, he gets upset and heads back to his car and leaves without another word to Lea.

Precious reproaches Lea for not even telling her that she had finally found Billy. Rita approvingly says she thinks Billy is handsome.

Chuckie asks if this means there won't be a fight between Francis and Billy. Lea assures him there will be no fight.

She enters the boarding house, but not before bopping Chuckie on the head. The other girls follow Lea's example before heading back in.

Inside, everyone settles down for a chat. Rita bemoans the fact that they had been so close to figuring out where Jennifer was. Lea says she hasn't given up hope and that Billy has promised to help her. Rita gushingly says Billy is so sweet.

Precious says Billy is just trying to make up for the fact that he abandoned Lea all those years ago. Mrs. Reyes agrees with this assessment, and warns Lea to be careful because she just might get hurt again. Lea assures them that she and Billy are just friends. When everyone scoffs at her reply, Lea changes the subject and says she has noticed that Monching isn't with them.

As Mrs. Reyes looks away, Lea asks if there's something going on that she doesn't know about. Precious and Rita say yes, and reveal that Mrs. Reyes and Monching had an "LQ." Lea is shocked but says nothing further when it becomes obvious that Mrs. Reyes will not discuss the matter.

The next day, as the girls help out at the restaurant, Lea expresses surprise at how quickly Michael broke things off with Precious. Fatima chimes in and says Precious should have known better. Precious stops Fatima in mid-sentence and reminds her friend that she already regrets what happened. She asks Fatima if she has had a chance to talk to Michael.

Michael apparently has said that Precious should be the one to approach him if she wants to patch things up. Precious says she has tried but Michael refuses to speak to her.

Lea advises Precious to not give up, and to make sure Michael realizes how sorry she is for hurting him.

Just then, Billy arrives with news. He tells Lea he has found her brother, Ronel.

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