Monday, July 28, 2008

LnB: Letting Go

This blogpost contains episode highlights for Carla's character, Precious, in Ligaw na Bulaklak.

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Week 10, Monday, Day 046

Michael stops by the boarding house to continue his pursuit of Fatima. Before Fatima can answer Michael's questions about her feelings for him, Precious steps out of the boarding house and sees him.

Precious expresses surprise that Michael is there because he had already told them he's pursuing someone else. Precious says she doesn't doubt that the other girl is already Michael's girlfriend. Fatima admonishes Precious and says she's putting Michael on the spot.

Precious assures Fatima that everything is alright. Although she admits that she still loves Michael, she's still happy that he is now finding his own happiness, even if it's with someone else. Michael thanks her awkwardly.

Precious then tells Michael that they have to return to the wake. Michael quickly offers to go with them. Fatima volunteers to close the door as Precious and Michael start walking down the street.

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