Wednesday, August 06, 2008

LnB: Post-Mental

This blogpost contains episode highlights for Carla's character, Precious, in Ligaw na Bulaklak.

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Week 11, Wednesday, Day 053

Lea lunches for the knife, and manages to get it away from Ronel. Precious and Misty can only watch when Lea cradles her "brother" as he breaks down and cries over and over that they're going to kill his sibling.

The girls watch as "Ronel" is finally sedated and led back to bed. Precious expresses surprise that Lea's brother can behave in this way. Misty says she's impressed that Lea can deal with such episodes.

Lea says she can't bear to just abandon him. Misty asks the nurse what triggered this episode. The nurse remarked that it's not unusual for patients at the institution to have attacks like this.

Precious asks if it's normal for patients to try to kill themselves. The nurse says that someone had come to visit Lea's brother just before his attack. Surprised, Lea asks who her "brother's" visitor was.

Before the nurse can answer, another nurse comes by and says that the first nurse was mistaken, that it was another patient who had a visitor. The second nurse pointedly tells the first nurse that it was someone else. The first nurse realizes her mistake, and agrees with the second nurse.

The two nurses walk away, leaving the three girls more puzzled.

Back at the boarding house, Lea shares her plans to save up money because she wants to take care of her brother. She says she's also saving up money so she can go back to school. That's the only way she can convince her father to stop his work with the syndicate and still take care of him. And she says that should she ever find her sister Jennifer, she wants to be ready to help her.

Precious asks Lea what will be left for herself. Lea says she's willing to give her life for her family, so the money is nothing.

Moved by their friend's plight, Misty volunteers to buy them all a meal, much to the delight of her sister and her friend.

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