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LnB: Intersections

This blogpost contains episode highlights for Carla's character, Precious, in Ligaw na Bulaklak.

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Week 11, Tuesday, Day 052

Fatima smiles to herself when she flips open a book and sees "Fatima loves Michael" written on the palm of her hand. She hastily wipes away Michael's name just as precious comes in and sees the note.

Precious asks Fatima if she's now got a boyfriend or a suitor. Before her friend can even reply, Precious remarks that their love lives never seems to be in sync: now that Fatima is happy, Precious is still alone after Michael left her. Fatima can only listen in awkward silence.

Precious says she's really tried to forget him, but she's still hoping she and Michael can get back together. She asks Fatima if she thinks they still have a chance. Fatima tells Precious she'll only get hurt if she thinks that way.

Precious says that if that's the punishment that she gets, then she'll take it. She just can't forget Michael. For as long as he's not yet with someone else, she'll continue hoping, even if it hurts to hope.

Fatima hesitantly tells Precious that she should forget Michael because he now has someone else. Precious immediately rises to her feet and demands to know who the girl is. Frightened by Precious' reaction, Fatima blurts out that she doesn't know who the girl is. Upset, Precious turns and leaves.


Precious and Misty are wandering the streets looking for Michael. Precious insists that Michael is nearby because the tracker service on her cellphone says he's just in the area. She says his new girlfriend must be from this part of town.

Misty says Precious should just leave Michael alone and let him be happy. Precious asks Misty pointedly if she had been able to accept the situation when Ian fell in love with Lea. Misty has no answer. Precious tells Misty she's the same way. She can't accept that Michael is now with someone else, so she intends to find out who this new girl is and confront her. Misty tells Precious that she should go confront the girl by herself and walks away.

Precious runs after Misty and asks her sister to keep her company, because surely this is preferable to her staying locked up in her room brooding about Ian.

Misty says it's not that easy to forget Ian. Precious says that's precisely why she asked Misty to come with her, so that she can stop thinking about Ian if only for a short while. She reveals to Misty that she can always look for Michael by herself.

The girls continue their search. As they walk down yet another street, Michael drives past and Precious recognizes his car.

The girls run after the car, but Michael drives past a gate that a guard guard closes behind him. Misty notices that it's a mental institution.

Precious says she'd be really hurt if Michael had replaced her with someone crazy. She insists on knowing why he's there. The girls start calling for the security guard.

After a while, Misty turns and walks away, saying this is pointless. Precious runs after her and says she won't rest until she finds out who stole Michael away from her. Misty pointedly asks her who's the one who can't forget.

Misty says that if Precious really wants her to forget Ian, she should learn to forget Michael because he's no longer hers. She says her own life became miserable because she lost Ian, so Precious shouldn't be like her her. Precious finally relents and agrees to go home.

They are trying to look for a cab when Lea walks by and calls out to them. Distracted by Lea, none of them notice when Michael drives out of the gate. Lea asks them what they're doing there.

As they walk into the facility, Lea explains that she comes to this facility to visit her brother. Misty asks Lea to talk some sense into Precious because they're there stalking Michael. Precious says she can't help but want to know who Michael's new girlfriend is, because he won't tell her.

Lea says it's probably just a matter of time before Michael will tell her; no doubt they're just worried that Precious will be hurt when she finds out.

Precious notices Lea's choice of words and asks her if she knows who Michael's girlfriend is. Lea is at a loss for words but is saved from having to answer when two of the institution staff run up to her to say that they can't find Ronel.

They all run into the facility. Lea is frantic, and says she should have arrived earlier.

"Ronel" finally appears at a nearby doorway, holding a knife to his wrist. The girls rush over, and Lea doesn't understand what "Ronel" babbles on that it's better for him to kill himself before they kill his brother.

He shocks them when he suddenly raises his hand and moves to slash his wrist.

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