Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Raymond kissed a girl... and he, uh, liked it!

Philippine Star
SUPREMO By Tim Yap Updated March 07, 2009 12:00 AM

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Kissing scene: Raymond Gutierrez and Carla Humphries — friends lang

We’re both single and we’re both hot, so what’s wrong with that?” says Raymond Gutierrez, without batting an eyelash. Mond has been in the headlines recently because of kissing — and a lot of people telling.

“It must be a slow news week for me to be part of the headlines the past three days,” said Mond with a chuckle. It’s been on top of the TV Patrol showbiz news, where even mom Annabelle and sis Ruffa were made to comment. ”At least she’s from a good family at marunong mag-English!” defended Mommy Annabelle.

“We were just enjoying ourselves in Cam Sur and Carla is really close to me. She is a sweet girl, and we arrived there together. We were just having fun. There should be no malice in that.” So there you go, straight from the uh, horse’s mouth — that should put matters to rest.

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