Sunday, October 02, 2005

Carla's Sunsilk TV Ad

Many many thanks to Tita Tonette for sending me this video of Carla's Sunsilk TV Ad.

This ad was taped in Bangkok in May 2005. You can view the ad online by clicking on the center of the image below.


If you have a high-speed connection (or a lot of patience), try downloading the video file: Carla's Sunsilk Ad (25 seconds, 4.3MB, mpg file). The TVC is in Thai. :)

Click this link if you need help downloading files from Megaupload.

Carla's boyfriend meets her at the airport, and as she arrives, she sees something but we don't know what it is.

Her boyfriend runs to hug her and is surprised when she suddenly stops him.

He keeps trying to hug her, but she keeps blocking him.

He even tries distracting her by pointing something out, but she still stops him in time.

Exasperated by his constant attempts, she finally ties up his hands with her scarf.

Then she runs to stand in front of a billboard (which was apparently what she saw when she first arrived at the airport).

The voiceover announces that a promo/contest is ongoing to find women with the most beautiful hair, and that the winner will be determined by a mystery panel of celebrity judges.

As the ad comes to an end, she is surprised to see one of Thailand's top actors, Nattawut Skidjai, revealed as one of the celebrity judges, as he stands beside her admiring her hair.

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