Wednesday, October 26, 2005

JaRla Updates & Upcoming Appearances

CF's Note: This entry was originally posted on Oct 18, and was last updated on Oct 26, Wednesday at 1:15am.

Many many thanks to Tita Tonette for sending me these updates.

  • Janus on MMK on Oct 27 (Thu).
    Janus had taping for Maalaala Mo Kaya. It will air on Oct 27.
  • Carla on ASAP Fanatic on Nov 6 (Sun).
    Carla will have taping for a segment that will air on Nov 6 (update courtesy of Angel aka Rapunzel Hair). Something to do with Jill/Lewis and Pearl daw.
Will keep updating this entry as I get more news.


rapunzel_hair said...


yung ASAP fanatic ni Carla.. moved to november 6. :)

yun lang.

CF said...

Hi angel! Many thanks for the update! :D

angel said...


anytime :)

Anonymous said...

kelan ba magkkron c carla ng sarili nyang show na cya yung bida??

CF said...

^^ As of now, we don't know. Sana nga it will be soon.