Wednesday, October 05, 2005

JaRla's Labstory (Music Video)

Just want to share this JaRla Music Video by Jacee. If you're a JaRla'n, you'll absolutely LOVE this video.

You can watch this music video online. Just click the center of the image to start playing.


You can also download a copy of this video. Two versions are available for download.

Many many thanks to Jacee. :D

Click this link if you need help downloading files from Megaupload.


genessa said...

OMG...ang kyut naman nitO...
paanO bah yan gawin..?
d kO aLam eh..hehehe...
my gOsh..kakakiLIg taLfga jarLa!!!
da best!!!

cnO pwde maging frend ditOh..?

cf said...

genessa... One of the JaRla fans, Jacee, made that video.

She's active on PEX. You'll usually find her on the JaRla Thread in PinoyExchange. Just post a comment there. :D