Thursday, March 30, 2006

Janus in Love

Ronald Constantino



Former child actor Janus del Prado is now a binata - and in love. The girl is Carla Loren Humphries, his love interest in the upcoming Star Cinema movie "D Lucky One," topbilled by another real-life loveteam Joseph Bitangcol and Sandara Park. The love affair star-ted on the set of the reality roman-ce show "Qpids," which saw Janus being paired with Carla, under-going and surviving several romantic challenges.

Learned from Janus’ sister, colleague Pilar Mateo, that when their dad, California-based charac-ter actor Renato del Prado, took a vacation here, Janus introduced Carla to him.

Time really flies fast. Imagine Janus and other child actors like Jiro Manio, Lester Llansang, Alywin Uytingco, Bryan Homecillo are already young men.

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