Monday, March 06, 2006

JaRla in Yes Magazine

Carla and Janus are mentioned in the COUPLES section of Yes Magazine's March 2006 issue.

Text by Anna Pingol. Photo by Pilar Mateo.

When former child actor JANUS DEL PRADO, son of character actor Renato del Prado, was paired with US-born half-Filipino, half-French CARLA HUMPHRIES LOREN in Qpids, ABS-CBN's reality love team search, the street-smart fellow did not think he would hit it off with the "sosi inglisera" Star Circle talent.

But he did.

In fact, it was his kanto boy aura that had an impact on the mestiza who would soon become the Sunsilk Shampoo signature model for Asia and the Pacific.

Their love team is known to Qpids fans as JaRla.

The young couple's candid kulitan photo was taken on December 18 at Lino's Restaurant at Ali Mall, in Cubao. Present on that occasion was the US-based Renato del Prado, who had come home to the Philippines for a brief visit. Janus, who had not been on speaking terms with his father for years, decided to attend the family get-together.

Our source, movie writer Pilar Mateo, who's Janus' half-sister, says about Janus and Carla: "Alam ko sila na... nagkadebelopan."


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