Saturday, January 20, 2007

Carla in Abt Ur Luv - Epi 09

Episode Title: Sabado Horoscope

This blog entry contains episode highlights involving Carla's character, Brenda.

While reading her horoscope, Hillary remembers how Brenda now knows that Mich was Stick's stalker, and now keeps an eye on Mich.


Celine throws up in the toilet and Brenda blames Neri for Celine's getting drunk the night before. Neri is surprised to learn that Celine and Gens are no more.

Josh and Neri help Brenda put a drunken Celine to bed, while Celine mumbles something about hating Neri.

Brenda tries to turn on the airconditioning only to learn from their mother that their electricity has been cut-off because they haven't paid their bill.

Just then, Stick calls Brenda and volunteers to make sure that Celine gets home after she wakes up.


Later at breakfast, Sonia tells Neri and her children that they'll have to pawn their jewelry to pay the bill. Sonia also tells Brenda they'll have to sell the car because they're heavily in debt.


Brenda urges Josh to hurry up then asks Neri to look after Celine when she wakes up, and says that Stick will bring Celine home later. Josh cannot resist one last look at Celine before he and Brenda leave the house.

Josh and Brenda encounter car trouble and Josh realizes that both their phones are dead, much to Brenda's frustration.


Brenda's uncle arrives and drives a hard bargain for their car, now that it obviously needs a new battery.


Later on the commute back home, Brenda starts crying when she realizes that they really don't have the car anymore because of all the memories that she has with the car. She asks Josh if he realizes that they're now poor. Josh assures her it's okay because they're all still together.


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All I want is to hug me :) said...


Thank you for answering. I've linked this blog to mines. Do you know her YM? Pero na-visit siya dito? Fritz here.