Saturday, January 27, 2007

Carla in Pedro Penduko

Carla appeared in today's episode of Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko.

This blog post summarizes scenes where Carla's character, Cynthia, appeared.

A doctor checks on Cynthia's father as she and Aida look on.

After the doctor leaves, Cynthia stays beside her father but is unhappy when all he wants to know is whether his son Roy has been contacted.

Aida assures him that Roy has been told, but her uncle doubts her, saying Roy would have come if he had known. In frustration, Cynthia tells her father that Roy refuses to come. Aida stops Cynthia from saying more, and promises her uncle that she will visit Roy personally and ask him to visit.


When Roy refuses to visit his ailing father, Aida explains how he came to be so angry with his family.

It turns out that in their younger days, Roy gave up his dream of becoming a writer to take care of the family business, while Cynthia was completely spoiled and focused only on partying, drinking, and men.

Not content with her party lifestyle, Cynthia asks her father for her share of his estate and leaves. When she ran out of money, she sued Roy by filing fake charges against him -- a lawsuit which led to the death of Roy's wife.

When all her money was finally gone, Cynthia came home and like a prodigal daughter, she was welcomed back by her father. Roy could not forgive her for everything she had done, and the two siblings argued bitterly.

Roy could not believe it when their father sided with Cynthia. In his anger, he left his family.


Later, Cynthia rushes into the room, sobbing as she searches for Aida. She pauses for a moment as she realizes that her estranged brother, Roy, is in the room as well. Roy does not bother to hide his disdain from his sister.

Aida asks Cynthia what's wrong and learns that her uncle has died. Cynthia sobs loudly as the sad truth hits Roy and he too is overcome with grief.


During one of the evenings at the wake, Aida finds a mysterious creature known as a "Bal-Bal" standing beside the coffin of her late uncle. Her screams bring all the neighbors to the wake, including Pedro and Roy.

When Pedro hears of the "Bal-Bal," he tells them that there's a chance that the remains they see in the coffin are no longer real, because the "Bal-Bal" has powers of deception.

As everyone looks on, Pedro uses his magical pendant and places his hand over the remains. The illusion is dispelled, revealing only branches in the coffin.

Pedro and Roy rush outside to search for the "Bal-Bal," but they are too late.


Later that evening, a grief-stricken Roy weeps as he sits next to the empty coffin and vows to avenge his father.

At Aida's urging, Cynthia gets up to speak to Roy, and in their shared grief, the siblings finally find it in their hearts to forgive one another.


Determined now to stop the "Bal-Bal," Pedro and Roy plan a deception that will lure their target out of hiding.

Roy explains that they will fake his death and say it was an accident, so that a closed casket will not be questioned. They will arrange for a one-day wake, to make sure that Bal-Bal is aware of another death.

The night before the burial, Roy will climb into the casket when only the conspirators are left at the wake. They will go through with the internment while Roy waits in the casket. It's important that everyone plays their part so that people believe the deception.

If their plan works, the "Bal-Bal" will come for Roy's "remains" that night. Roy and Pedro will be ready for him.

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