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Carla in Abt Ur Luv - Epi 11

Episode Title: Wanted: Friday Racket

This blog entry contains episode highlights involving Carla's character, Brenda.

Brenda applies for a supervisory job in a restaurant and tells the manager all about her family and friends during the interview as scenes from last week's episode are shown. She is thrilled when the manager says there's a job opening that she can fill, and excitedly asks what it is.

Brenda is now hard at work at the restaurant in her new job -- as a waitress. She tries to do a thorough job, but one of the other waitresses thinks she works too slow and is always rushing her.

While at work, Brenda gets a call from Celine, who is at the gym with Stick. Celine assures Brenda that she's okay, then hands the phone to Stick. Brenda excitedly tells Stick that she got a job, and Stick congratulates her with a kiss over the phone.

Celine looks on as Stick chats with Brenda. Mich stops by and warns Celine to be careful because she knows all too well how easy it is to fall for a guy like Stick. Celine doesn't take her warning seriously.

Stick finally says goodbye to Brenda, but not before insisting that he and Brenda go out together that night on a dinner date. He hangs up and returns the phone to Celine.


Brenda gets home from work to find Gens leaving their garage sale, as Neri stands nearby looking upset. Brenda kisses Sonia and tells her mother about her day at work, then asks what Gens was doing there.

Sonia says it seems like Gens was bothering Neri. Brenda scoffs and asks -- Hinaharass si Neri? O ina-ahas ni Neri? When Sonia rebukes her for the remark, Brenda tells Sonia they might as well stop pretending because everyone already knows, then leaves the garage to enter the house. Neri stays silent, but she is obviously hurt.


At the gym, Brenda ends her workout and is about to head to the showers when she notices Celine nearby, and thinks it might be a good idea to invite Celine along to console her after her break-up with Gens. She turns to Stick to ask if it's okay.

Stick hesitates, and finally says it's been a long time since they've had a romantic dinner date, just the two of them. Brenda pleads with him and reluctantly, Stick agrees and can only watch as Brenda tells Celine that she's joining their dinner.

They decide to go to the restaurant where Brenda now has her job. When the other waitress frowns at her, Brenda is quick to say that she's there as a customer and that the waitress shouldn't be treating her like that.

They are seated and Brenda is quick to point out the tables that she has cleaned that day. Stick reaches out and gives her shoulders a rub as he says it's no wonder that she was so tired earlier.

Celine notices the sweet gesture, and Brenda notices Celine's reaction. She stops Stick who feels rejected, even though he later realizes that Brenda is just worried about Celine.

Later over dinner, Stick tries to offer Brenda a bite from his plate, but she rejects him again. Celine notices and quickly excuses herself to go to the restroom.

Alone at the table at last, Brenda apologizes to Stick, but he is unhappy because he's getting the feeling that Brenda cares more about Celine than him. Celine turns as she hears them arguing.

Brenda asks Stick to try to be more sensitive to Celine's feelings, saying it would be so mean of them to be sweet in front of Celine. Stick argues that Celine shouldn't have been with them in the first place.

At his words, Celine returns to the table and quickly says she shouldn't be there. Despite Brenda's attempts to stop her, Celine rushes out of the restaurant and leaves.

Afterwards, Stick walks Brenda back home where they find Gens once again at the gate of the Smith house. Brenda arrives just in time to hear Gens asking Josh to tell Neri that he loves her. Brenda cannot help but sarcastically tell Gens that she's sure Celine will be happy to hear this.

Brenda enters the garage and starts straightening the items in their garage sale. She overhears Neri telling Sonia that it might be better if she returns home to the province.

Hillary arrives just then and asks Brenda about her job interview. They chat a bit, before Brenda turns at last to wave goodbye to Stick, who is still outside the gate talking to Gens.

As she closes the gates of her home and watches Stick walk away with Gens, Brenda reflects: Siguro nga... masyado akong involved sa buhay ng tao sa paligid ko. Yan ang nagpapalakas sa akin eh.

Pero I guess, hindi ko dapat dinadamay ang ibang tao sa sense of responsibility ko to everyone around me. Lalo na kung na-a-apektohan ang relationship namin. I'm sorry, Stick.

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