Friday, February 09, 2007

Little Nook

From Pink Magazine, February - March 2007 issue

Little Nook
An afternoon in the room of celeb sweetheart, Carla Humphries.

by Nikki V. Santiago
Photography by Mags Paguyo

We've seen her in commercials and soap operas and she's never disappointed. Carla's meztisa beauty and Pinay charms simply grow on you. Now 18 years old, she's grown to be a refined lady -- very sensible and responsible.

Sure enough, her room reflects her personality. The pink walls show off her classic girly style. The first thing you actually notice is how neat and organized everything is in her room. Her collection of hats is perfectly arranged around the upper part of her walls. The others are in one of the closets. "I have about 50 different hats in my collection. I just love 'em!" Carla muses.

Her bed is covered in a silver-grey quilt with two pillows and an olive silk throw pillow. "My bed is small but it's all mine," she says. "It's the most comfortable ever." Beside her bed is her dresser where her makeup, shades, hair bands, and perfume are neatly arranged. Open her closets and you'll be even more surprised at how organized her things are. Her clothes are arranged by color.

On the wall above her bed hangs an Aubrey Hepburn framed poster. Carla also collects everything Audrey Hepburn. "I love her style," she shares while taking out her collection. Aside from the poster, she has a calendar, a tee, a bag, and some books -- all Audrey Hepburn.

Seeing Carla's room, it's no surprise that she's just like her idol -- simple, yet elegant. The way she cares for her things speaks of the kind and caring person that she is. "I clean my room, not my P.A. (Personal Assistant)," she quickly affirms.

"My room is not that big, I like it that the space has been well maximized and I still have space left for my recreation, which is painting. It has a very homey feel; it's not that big but it's all mine!" Certainly, it's cozy. Just like her room, Carla's warm and comfy.

Cozy with Carla

  • Personal style: Classic, pretty, girly
  • Fave brands: Particles, Zara, Mango
  • Fave items in closet: White sando, jeans, and black tights
  • Morning rituals: Take a bath, brush my teeth, and moisturize my face
  • Fave color: Pink
  • Shopping schedule: One time big time or just when I need something
  • How long do you stay in front of the mirror: Just a few minutes before I leave the house and while brushing my teeth
  • How long do you stay in your room: As long as I can!

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