Saturday, February 10, 2007

Carla in Abt Ur Luv - Epi 12

Episode Title: Wednesday Valentine Kisses

This blog entry contains episode highlights involving Carla's character, Brenda.

The episode starts with Stick impatiently waiting for Brenda to arrive at a Valentine's Dinner event. The rest of the gang is already at the party, including Celine, who is with a date of her own.

As Stick hangs up the phone, he wonders how he could have ended up in this situation...


Earlier that morning at the Smith house, Neri is asking her Aunt Sonia to let her return to Zamboanga, so she can stop being a burden. Brenda thinks it's a good idea to let Neri leave, and is quick to say so.

Sonia impatiently tells Brenda to shut up, then gently tells Neri that she can't let her leave. Neri asks her aunt to respect her wishes, because everyone will be better off if she leaves.

Brenda once again tells her mother that it's better to let Neri leave because she's just a burden. She assures her mother that they are learning to deal with the household chores.

Angrily, Sonia tells Brenda she has no idea what she's saying, and that if she only knew the truth she would be ashamed of herself. As she gets up from the table, she tells Brenda once again to shut up.


At the party later that night, Celine asks Stick what's wrong. Stick tells her that Brenda is still at work because her boss asked her to do something at the last minute. Celine urges him to cheer up. Stick explains that it's their first Valentine's and he wants to be able to give Brenda the perfect kiss and be the perfect boyfriend.

Just then, Stick's friend, who is Celine's blind date, arrives. Stick introduces Martin and Celine to each other and the two seem to hit it off.


Later, Stick's phone rings and it is Brenda. He tells her he's starting to look foolish because he's the only one there without a partner. After he hangs up the phone, he thinks to himself that it's just too bad that the magic of Valentine's doesn't touch everyone.

The emcee comes out and counts down the seconds to the Valentine's kiss. Frustrated with the situation, Stick turns away and Celine notices. She tells Martin she needs to talk to Stick for a moment.

Celine surprises Stick by running up to him, and telling him that he doesn't need to wait, then kisses him.

They are still standing, looking at each other after the kiss, when Brenda walks into the room...

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