Saturday, February 17, 2007

Carla in Abt Ur Luv - Epi 13

Episode Title: Thursday Bangungot

This blog entry contains episode highlights related to Carla's character, Brenda.


At the Smith home, Brenda approaches Sonia in the living room and reminds her mother that she hasn't explained more about Neri. Sonia doesn't answer; instead she asks Brenda why she's not at work. Brenda explains that she got a day off since her boss was on a trip. She then asks Sonia again.

Sonia changes the subject once more, this time by asking Brenda how things are with Stick. Brenda says things are okay, although she admits that she has a lot of things to apologize for lately.

She's about to explain more when she realizes that Sonia has changed the subject again. This time, when Brenda asks, Sonia tells her daughter that all she needs to know is Neri has to stay with them, and Brenda should be nice to her.

Brenda jumps to the wrong conclusion that Neri is actually her sister and starts to get upset... but Sonia quickly tells her she's all wrong and she should just stop the drama.

Neri arrives just then and asks Sonia if they can talk. Before Neri can explain that all she wants is to go out with Gens, Sonia misunderstands and tells Neri that she's not allowed to go back to Zamboanga. She gets up and leaves before Neri can explain.

With a false sweet smile, Brenda tells Neri that Sonia has instructed her to be nice to Neri, so she will... just before she asks Neri very nicely for a cup of coffee.

* * *

Brenda arrives at the gym and surprises Stick and Celine, and explains that it's her day off from work. She's excited to see both of them, saying she'll finally get to spend time with her best friend and her boyfriend.

Stick and Celine are quiet for a moment, which makes Brenda ask if there's a problem. Celine quickly says there's no problem and Stick agrees. Brenda accepts the explanation and urges them all to start their workouts.

* * *

Brenda and Stick share a sweet moment together after their workout with Stick rubbing her sore arm. Brenda then excuses herself to go to the rest room.

Celine takes the opportunity to approach Stick and she quickly explains away their Valentine's kiss as being nothing more than a way for her to thank him. She says she wants things to go back to normal. Stick agrees.

Just then, Gzel tries to squeeze past Stick but ends up bumping into him. He falls off balance and half-lands on Celine and the two stare at each other for a moment, before Stick gets up.

* * *

Later, Stick catches Celine just as she's getting ready to workout with a punching bag. He surprises her by leaning down and kissing her. They're still kissing when he suddenly hears Brenda's voice calling him... and he wakes up!

It was just a dream and Stick realizes he had fallen asleep at the gym while waiting for Brenda to finish her changing. He quickly apologizes to her, guilty about the dream kiss. Puzzled, Brenda asks him what he's apologizing for. Stick makes up an excuse, saying he hadn't meant to fall asleep.

Brenda asks him if he's okay because he looks tired. Stick explains that he didn't get enough sleep the night before and assures her he's fine.

As they prepare to leave the gym, Brenda bids goodbye to Celine, who is still working out. Stick looks at Celine for a moment before he and Brenda leave.

* * *

Later, Stick returns to the gym, explaining to Brenda that he had forgotten something. He bumps into Celine as she comes out of the dressing rooms. She's all dressed up ready to go out with some friends.

Celine is surprised when Stick draws near and kisses her, but she starts to kiss him back.

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