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Carla in Abt Ur Luv - Epi 15

Episode Title: Sunday Whatever

This blog entry contains episode highlights related to Carla's character, Brenda.


Stick is at the gym, trying to call Celine on his cellphone when Brenda arrives. He is jumpy, and tries to avoid telling her who he's calling, saying that the subscriber cannot be reached. Brenda tells him she's having trouble reaching Celine, and that she was surprised to learn from Celine's mother that she's in Baguio.

Half-jokingly, she says Celine better bring her back some ube and strawberry jam otherwise she'll never forgive her best friend. It was bad enough that she left on a trip without saying anything.

Just then, Stick's phone rings and in his nervousness, he almost drops the phone. Amused and concerned, Brenda tells him it might be a good idea to cut down on his coffee intake because he's becoming really jumpy. Stick agrees.


Brenda emerges from the locker room at the gym after her workout, and asks Stick if he's ready to leave. He says he just needs to wait for the next instructor to arrive, then asks where she wants to go. Brenda explains that she wants to go to church since she hasn't heard mass and she wants to go to confession. At her words, Stick is overcome with guilt, and Brenda asks him if he's okay because he looks like he's falling ill.

Stick assures her that he's fine, and Brenda smiles and says she knows just what to do. She reaches up and tries to kiss him. Stick suddenly sees a mental image of Celine about to kiss him, and in his confusion, he quickly pushes Brenda away.

Brenda is surprised and shocked, and asks him why. Stick apologizes and comes up with an excuse about having garlic breath.

Brenda tells him it wouldn't matter since she loves him just the same. They hug, then leave the gym.


Later that evening, Brenda and Stick arrive at his apartment, and she decides she'd rather stay there and watch DVDs then cook him dinner rather than go out. Stick feels guilty again and Brenda asks him again if everything's okay because she can feel that something's wrong.

He hesitates at first, then he apologizes. She asks him if there's a problem. Stick says he's got something to confess. Brenda looks worried and asks him to explain.

At the last minute, Stick chickens out and makes up some excuse about forgetting to call the supplier of the nutritional supplement she wants.

Brenda is so relieved to hear this and says it's no big deal, and that for a moment she thought he was about to say he'd cheated on her with another girl.

She enters the apartment, leaving Stick at the door feeling even more guilty.


In the kitchen preparing dinner, Brenda tells Stick he really should let her join him when he goes to the grocery because his pantry is practically empty. Stick is still looking through cabinets when his cellphone rings.

Brenda notices that he's preoccupied so she goes to answer his phone. Stick realizes and grabs the phone before she can get it.

It's Celine, but she has already hung up. He tells Brenda he's going to call the person back, just as the doorbell rings.

Brenda goes to open the door to Stick's apartment and finds Celine there, answering a call on her cellphone from Stick.

The two girls are both surprised to see each other, and Celine struggles to come up with an excuse for visiting Stick at his apartment. Stick arrives at the door and quickly says he called Celine because Brenda was unhappy with her.

At his words, Celine starts to worry, thinking perhaps that Stick has confessed, but Stick explains that Brenda had mentioned that she was expecting pasalubong from Baguio. Brenda turns to look at Celine and is surprised to see her bestfriend almost in tears as she asks Brenda to forgive her.

Brenda assures Celine that she's just joking. Brenda tells her everything is okay and insists that Celine join her and Stick for dinner.


Celine and Stick share an awkward silence at the dining table as Brenda brings food in from the kitchen. Stick has lost his appetite, and Celine quickly makes an excuse about having to leave right away.

Just then, Brenda's phone rings. It's her boss, and she excuses herself to take the call in the kitchen. While Brenda takes her call, Stick asks Celine what they're going to do because they can't pretend that nothing happened.

Celine tells him she loves her best friend, and Stick assures her that he loves Brenda, because she's his life. At his words, Celine asks him why he kissed her. Stick reminds her that she kissed him first. Celine tells him it was Valentine's Day and everyone at the party was kissing someone else, and she just got carried away by the moment. She asks him what excuse he has for kissing her at the gym.

Stick hesitates then finally answers that he couldn't help himself when he saw what she was wearing that day. Celine stops him from saying more and gets up from the table and rushes to the door. Stick follows her out the door and tries to stop her from leaving.

Brenda emerges from the kitchen in tears. It's obvious she heard.


Later that night, as Brenda and Stick leave his apartment, Stick asks her if she's alright, because she's been so deep in thought all evening. Brenda assures him she's okay.

She then looks intently at him as she says: "Basta tandaan mo babe, mahal na mahal kita. Alam mo yun, diba? You wouldn't do anything to hurt me, right?" Stick answers: "Yes, I love you babe."

Brenda fights tears as they hug each other tightly.

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