Saturday, March 24, 2007

Carla in Abt Ur Luv - Epi 18

Episode Title: Thursday Outing

This blog entry contains episode highlights related to Carla's character, Brenda.


Neri and Gwen organize a beach outing for the gang at the suggestion of Gens. They hope that the outing will provide an opportunity for Brenda and Celine to patch things up.

But, the plan goes seriously wrong when Bill asks Stick to drive one of the vans to the beach.

Stick manages to avoid talking to Celine in the van because she sleeps through the entire ride. Brenda meanwhile is in another van.

Later at the beach, Brenda, Stick, and Celine just barely miss bumping into each other on several occasions.

But at last, Stick sees Celine and tries to talk to her. Celine doesn't want to listen and runs away, with Stick giving chase.

In a day dream, Brenda realizes that she really does still love Stick, and wants to get back with him.

Brenda catches sight of Stick and Celine running along the beach and gets completely the wrong impression. In her anger, she lashes out at them both and leaves before they can explain.

Celine makes one last attempt to talk to Brenda, but Brenda rejects her, even after Celine does as she asks and shouts to anyone who'd care to listen on the beach that she stole her best friend's boyfriend.

Dejected, Celine decides to head back to Manila. Stick too, has had enough of the beach and wants to head back home. The two of them agree to go together.

Brenda sees them about to leave and realizes that she has inadvertently brought Celine and Stick closer to each other.

She follows them and asks Stick to stay so they can talk. Stick stays after making sure it's okay with Celine. As Brenda and Stick walk away, Celine thinks to herself that Brenda is only doing this because she doesn't want Stick to be with Celine. Celine concludes that Brenda has gone too far.

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